Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!

Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!
Ricky Martinez @ Mark Gjonaj

Our Candidate for 2012

Our Candidate for 2012
Clyde Williams-For Congress-Harlem, Washington Heights, Northwest Bronx


Ricky Martinez for State Assembly, 78th

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!
Manny Tavares for State Senate

Monday, October 26, 2009

Vote Democratic-For Term Limits-For President Obama!!!!

We are not big fans of overthrowing the will of the people and neither is William Thompson

At Hunter College last week, Mr Thompson msde his srongest point yet why 8 years of Bloomberg-ism-is indeed enough

But this link below is Bill's team limit palm card. President Obama is indeed smiling!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Billy Does Kingsbridge!!!!!!

An Amazing Day!!!!!

Watching Bill Thompson, talking with residents on 231st Street. Business owners on Broadway

And he talked about their main issue: MORE PARKING!!!

Join President Ruben Diaz, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, Organizers Yorman Nunez and Daniel Contrases AND BILL IN THE BRONX On October 25th for The community and political change of the year:


St Nicholas of Tolentine Church, 2345 University Ave (Fordham & University!!!!!!!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

2009 Primary Winners & Losers!!!!


NWB Democrats- Since. the leaving of many of our members from The Committee of 100 Democrats & Liberty Democratic Association, NWB Democrats was successful in providing Council Candidate Koppell 14%% of his victory.

North Bronx Democratic Association-The Tony Cassino led organization is now poised to give The Assemblyman Dinowitz led Ben Franklin Club some needling, capuring up to 21% of the vote

Ben Franklin-The Jeffrey Dinowitz Riverdale Based Club did better, much better-42%
New Life Church-OMG, Cabrera has organized The Church into a political force!
West Bronx Democrats-Even Assemblyman Nelson Castro's group deserves credit for making the 14th Council Race-one hell of a race for Maia Baez

Young Bronx Democrats-And the same goes for this NEW young enginerred group, founded by Former Lehman College SG President Eliaz Cantrera and Yudelka Tapia

Bronx Democratic Party-Hey, They worked hard for Cabrera and Koppell. and deserves congrats!

Political Parent Party- From a State Wide organization focused on "family rights", Founder Minister Harris & Mark Rodriguez expanded their political horizons in 3 City Council races-and did great!!!!


Liberty Democratic Association-Since the famous breakup of the East Side/West side areas of the 80th Assembly District in 2008, The showdown in Bedford Park/Norwood was expected to be a political blast. In the end, it was a dud as The Ken Agosto led EAST SIDE club got clobbered by NWB Democrats (14% to 3%) in providing strength to their council candidates.

The Committee of 100 Democrats-While beating LDA in neighborhood strength (6% to 3%) , since the exodus of membership in 2007, The Committee went from a 2005 of strength of Koppell to 22% to their loss (11% strength) for Efrain Gonzalez in 2008 to their 2009 low for Koppell at 6%.

North end Democratic Club- The Jose Rivera once led powerful club was ambushed by many new players in the 78th Assembly District. From A Church, to a Union to a Bronx political party!!!!

SEIU/1199- Boy, ALL TALK and Very little action. Their 3% showing of strength for Anthony Cassinowas awful.

Bronx Democratic Party-While doing great in the Francisco Cabrera race, their effect was minimal in the Oliver Koppell race

All official stats are below

Andy King-You will hear from me again-real soon!!!

It looks like one of our candidates, Andy King is not going down without a fight. And frankly, it sounds like many are not.
Council Candidate announced at a recent Eastchester rally that the community will hear from him again politically-real soon.

On that same note Political Parent Party Assemblyman candidate for 2010 Mark Rodriguez and Bronx Chairman Carl Heastie have already announced the political wrestling match of the year-first-the stair down from PPP Candidate Rodriguez at The infamous 14th Council manic Fordham Road showdown-to Mr Heastie announcing to Bronx News Columnists, "Tell Mark, I'm ready to get it on".

NWB Democrats is not looking for a fight-politically or otherwise-but what we are looking for is for long term community activists to have a political seat at their neighborhood table. The numbers below, from our 2009 Primary Candidates, show that there is NOT Unity-within Bronx Democrats:

Andy King: 35% (in 3 way race) in 2 way race: 48%
Oliver Koppell: in 2 way race: 65%
Carlos Sierra: in 2 way race: 39%
Yudelka Tapia: 24% (in 3 way race) in 2 way race: 30%
Avg: 46%
That sounds like a lot of disenfranchisement to us!!!! We want to thank Chairman Carl Heastie and Vice Chairman Jeffrey Dinowitz for a sitdown to discuss Bronx Unity!!! Hopefully after we ALL help our next Democratic Mayor Candidate win office, we will have that meeting.

Bye Bye Bloomberg! Go Billy!

OK Folks, Now is the time:

After our resounding success in The Bronx Democratic Primaries, we have been asked to assist our Mayor Candidate more Direct in The NorthWest Bronx Sections

Joining Yorman Nunez & Daniel Contrases, NWB Democrats, just launched our next series of missiles. On Wednesday past NWB Democrats, led by Team Member Ursula Morgan, knocked on our 300 doors in the Knox/Gates/ Mosholu sections of the 81st Assembly District. On Friday , we joined Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and hundreds over in a walk for our next Mayor. He was genuinely excited to meet people, go into businesses and discuss the next "Big" Kingsbridge problem: NO PARKING!!!

Our NWB Democrat "Bye Bye Bloomberg" Campaign will start to swing into Norwood & Bedford Park as we go South-to meet our Southern Thompson brothers and sisters.

If you would like to join us in our "Bye Bye Bloomberg" campaign, we could use your assistance in many capacities-from phone banking, to handing out brochures, to assisting the candidate around the neighborhood. YES!, Next Bronx appearance 9we hope) is NORWOOD!. at if you would like to assist (or leave a post)

Please e-mail

We Apologize for being to tardy

After All, we gave over 44 North West Bronx Team Players 3 weeks off after having what we fell was a resounding Bronx Victory in 4 Bronx Primaries. From 167th & The Concourse to Bedford Park, Norwood, Riverdale & Eastchester, history now will record the level of discount "within" the old and the new-Bronx Democratic Party.

Congrats to our candidates and our volunteers

Anthony Rivieccio
NWB Director