Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!

Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!
Ricky Martinez @ Mark Gjonaj

Our Candidate for 2012

Our Candidate for 2012
Clyde Williams-For Congress-Harlem, Washington Heights, Northwest Bronx


Ricky Martinez for State Assembly, 78th

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!
Manny Tavares for State Senate

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gustavo: I want to represent you, my neighbor/Danny Boy-How Can You-Your An Outsider!!!!

Well, some would say, Pedro Espada is laughing all the way to the bank.. Bronxnet TV 33rd State Senate Debate was such great TV, that frankly we have to say , DANNY BOY WON!!!

The Greatest Line in this 30 minute debate between Gustavo Rivera Vs Dan Padernacht (and they were some goodies) was when  Gustavo (after being jabbed by Danny several tiimes for no community involvement) mentiones that "Its telling that Pedro was not there to take the lead in The Kingsbridge Armory Re-development".. Danny Boy gives him a classic left hook by reminding him, "You Were not either"

Gustavo took so many left hooks to the ribs , his basic political skills abanded him, spitting out different endorsements-everytime---I mean every time--that Moderator Gary Axelbank asked him a question. A telling sign, indeed!.

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South East Bronx reform-Uncle Charlie or God Almighty?

Yes, that's our pet name for him. We met Senator Candidate Ramos as part of the Bronx Campaign Team in 2009 for Mayoral Candidate William Thompson (he was my boss) and frankly, we never enjoyed working for a more caring man. Rev Diaz Sr, frankly to us, is a good man. Hey, there is nothing wrong with Christian Conservative Values. But we need sound reform-not same old government-and Ruben Diaz Sr is more conserned with being "a playa" in the divided State Legislature and The Bronx Democratic party-so divided-that NOW he himself declares him "A Political Master" and fights with his son, Bronx Borough president Ruben Diaz over who should lead reform in the North West District. oh Yes, The Master supports Pedro Espada!
Maybe its time for reform in The South East Bronx! We simply believe that Charlie Ramos is reform-just like Adam-and so does The NYC Daily Gotham.
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Is It Powell Time?

Political History happened in 1989. NYC politics changed. There was no more Board of Estimate-now an empowered City Council. Also, boundaries lines were changing and gerrymandering was required. The result; More representation from the residents and businesspeople from within their own communities. Thus, a more centralized Harlem.

No, we are not talking 1944, when Harlem opened up its first Congressional Seat and voted in Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. we are talking about the election of 1991 when many of us (some living in Harlem at the time) decided to keep History and political Independence alive by Supporting Adam Clayton Powell, IV into city government as a Councilman.

Twenty years later, we have st rived for this Independence all over the city boundaries. This movement, we believe, has assisted in the makings of a 1992 Fusion Party and a 1994 Bronx Independence party. This movement also allowed us to help install some of The County Chairs, from Keith Wright in Manhattan to Jose Rivera in The Bronx. This movement has also allowed us to assist in the areas of Brooklyn and work with great campaign teams. This movement allowed to inject some life into what was dead political activity in The Bronx; establishing The Committee of 100 Democrats in 2005 and The Liberty Democratic Association in 2008 .We still do not know if this "Independence Movement" created The New Bronx Rainbow Coalition or destroyed the prior workings of a rebuilt party-destoyed by The Friedman's in 1994 (by the help of independents).

You will learn below more of our working for 2010, with the belief that 20 years ago, and 20 years from today, we are still on the verge of making political history-for the prospect of good independent government. This year, we go back to where it all began for some of us; Harlem USA. A Different Place than in 1990. Hell Yeah!. Has Charlie Rangel achieved community greatness, YES HE HAS!. Is it time for another POWELL MAN in Congress to continue what we believe to be over a 90 year Powell (Jr, IV) and Rangel representation?---KEEP THE FAITH, BABY!!!! (Even in The Bronx)

And an update on click The Daily News Rangel-Powell Debate

Sept 2nd= Bronx Night in Political Debates

Transportation Alternatives is sponsoring a debate of the 33rd District Senate candidate on Thursday, Sept. 2, at 7 p.m. at Fordham Evangelical Lutheran Church, 2430 Walton Ave. (right smack in the middle of the district).Candidates Gustavo Rivera and Dan Padernacht have both agreed to participate and share their views and opinions on transit and other vital community issues. Unfortunately, the incumbent Pedro Espada Jr. has (thus far) declined to show up.

The NAACP has also announced on Sept 2nd they will be holding their own candidates night; from The Attorneys General race to many District Leader Races. Bronx NAACP Chair Burke has indicated to us that the key races the group is focusing on is the; 76th, 78th and 86th Assembly races and The 31st, 32 and 33rd State Senate races. The Debate will be held at " Westchester Methodist Church, 2547 East Tremont, from 7-9PM. Oh Boy, Sept 2nd will be a HOT political North-South-East-West Throw down!. Only interesting part is: With one on Fordham and the other on Tremont-will the cross town traffic be good enough?

A Revolution-or a continuation?

2010, will be a "historic year" in Bronx Politics-for its lows!!!!!!

First, we have stopped immediate assistance on the campaigns of Nelson Castro & Jose Rivera. We believe both of these Assemblyman deserve re-election. Not because of their "greatness" however but the lack of greatness from there challengers.
a) Castro runs against Hector Ramirez- a nice man who is District Leader-many say was next in line for The Assembly job before Castro-has spent now years in his District Office-not being able to communicate to the Bronx Higher Ups. Why? Because he can not speak English. Should it be a requirement? Well, we would preume so guessing that over 80% of The State Legislature does not speak Spanish as their first language. Hector needs to go to ESL classes in Bronx Community College, instead of going to Albany. Even sadder, independent Yudelka Tapia, has now gone to the other side, working with Hector Ramirez after orginally accepting The Female District leader job from Castro. Finally even sadder, Nelsonn hired "Strategic Strategies" a loose knit consulting firm headed by Sherman Brown, key aide for former Councilwoman Maria Baez and Assemblyman Jose Rivera. And many insiders will now tell you in the campaign: It has been mistake after mistake after mistake and because of this NWB Democrats, has slowed down its support for Mr Castro until this consulting group gets back on its tender feet.

b- Jose Rivera-NWB Democrats has also slowed down its grass roots efforts for Assemblyman Rivera, partly requested by The Assemblyman himself. In 2006, NWB Democrats supported Efrain Gonzalez and received over 80% of the total vote. In 2008, Efrain decided not to ask NWB Democrats and injected The Committee of 100 Democrats to run their campaign. Mr Gonzalez lost to Pedro Espada-60-40%. Now, Mr Jose Rivera, by picking The Committee of 100 over NWB Democrats to run his campaign, we believe, might be setting up the same trap that Efrain created for himself in 2008. While NWB Democrats has been 12 for 16 in campaign tests the last 8 years, The Committee has gone 1 for 5 in the last 3 years. Good Luck Jose!. As a man of the people we believe he is going to win, and Rickys candicacy can not hurt him, but the "lack of troop" power that has been facing The Committee in recent years has got to worry the "higher ups"
c- Inside-Outside-Inside
In full disclosure, we wanted Desiree Pilgrim Hunter to win for State Senator-why-because in our opinion, she was the only REAL candidate from the NWB neighborhood.
Gustavo Rivera-a nice man who has no community presence in The Bronx
Pedro Espada-which we still today are not sure which house, borough or state he lives in.
The New Rooselvelt Group-from New Rochelle-not the Bronx. SOUNDS ALL LIKE OUTSIDERS ON THE INSIDE, Right?

d- While we do not enjoy The Snooki name attached to Assemblywoman Rivera we must admit, coonsidering that Snooki is hot, that we believe that is a GREAT COMPLIMENT for Naomi.
NWB Democrats have decided NOT TO GIVE support to this race because Naomi Rivera-supports Kenny Agosto----and Kenny Agosto--supports Naomi Rivera...OH, you didnt know? They were trying to keep it quiet-but THEY ARE A TEAM.
Yes, The Same people that challenger Robert Guiffee says MUST BE ELIMINATED from office. But Sadly Robert needs more of a history lesson. When he says "Naomi is the worst legislator we ever had"-and says in the next breath-"I would have supported Kenny Agosto for Assemblyman"-just shows the political naiveness of Robert. Simply put, if you hate the job Naomi is doing why would you support her puppetmaster!. Yes, Kenny Agosto planted Naomi Rivera into her current job and for this trickery at its highest level-we decided to walk away.

e- While we are still supporting Ricky Martinez for State Committeeman yes, indeed we do have a lot of worries. Firstly, Ricky will get some monetary help from Pedro Espada (read below). Secondly, the committees depressed troop level (from 100 in 2006 to 5 today) does not make it an easy race to say the least. As a matter of fact, Ricky had to create a new troop, "The Committee of 100 Ladies" to hand out his petition when his Executive Board (Robert Press, Rene Cuesta, Chris Jones) all declined to work the summer to get Ricky signatures. To Ricky's credit-The word is he got 600. Sadly though, not 1 signature was received by The Executive Board.
f- Maybe our biggest reason for disolusion in The Bronx is the statement above by Adam IV. In The Bronx, 1981, we had Webtech-a government ripoff-and since then-started a 40 year downhill spiral of Bronx Corpution and Bad policies that today, 30 years, now has The Bronx Dems standing as a shadow of its former self. In 1962, Bronx Dems had the president's (of the US) ear, today, they are lucky if they can get the ear to the sanitation department to clean their streets. We had big hope in The Bronx and still do, especially on the North and SouthEast sides (Go Charlie Ramos) but today, as we started in our first campaign for Adam Clayton Powell IV 20 years ago as a Councilman, Adam's race to us, represents the continual evolution of an Independent voice in NYC politics and that is where the bulk of our efforts will be this year.

g- but maybe lastly, who is the real king of Bronx Politics? Chairman Carl Heastie gets orders from NYS Democratic Party to terminate Pedro Espada's membership from Bronx Dems party. Carl passes off big problem to 2nd in command Jeffrey Dinowitz-who says-there is no need to act now. But then they both push their resources to attempt to get Nelson Castro off the Democratic Ballot Line? Even worse, last minute Jeffrey Dinowitz token support of Gustavo Rivera in the 33rd State senate, after supporting Riverdalian Dan Padernect all summer, now assures Danny Boy will get 10%of the total vote-and Gustavo might lose!. Who wins? If Pedro does, is it Jeffrey's fault?----or does he want Pedro to win all along (Editors Note: NWB Democrats announced Jeffrey's double dipping of candidates in 2009 when he supported both,; Anthony Cassino AND Oliver Koppell for City Council). What we do understand however, that $250,000 of monies allocated to Gustavo by his suporters New Rooselvelt CAN NOT GO TO Gustavo directly----is that why Jeffrey's Ben Franklin Club and Kenny Agosto's Liberty Democratic Club are now supporting Gustavo?. Yes times are tuff---even in the Democratic Clubs pocketbook.
And that why we are leaving most of these Bronx races this year. Yes clubs should get paid for hard political work-but at least were ethical!

Mr X Speaks

If there is a hard working person traveling-from Bronx to Brooklyn-to demonstrate his political character-they could be no one ironally better than William "Mr X" Stratford.

If anyone wants to work in Brooklyn, Mr X is currently working with a group in Brooklyn outlining Darlene Mealy's case for higher office.According to William, she will be working hard.

Up in the Boogie Down Bronx however, William has been stymied by the uglyness of Bronx Politics. "I have just been told by Robert Press & Ricky Martinez, workers for The Jose Rivera campaign that they are waiting for a bunch of monies from Pedro Espada to finish there campaign. Its a shame Ricky decided to go with Pedro".

It gets even stranger when NWB Democrats attempted to find out about this situation, and Robert Press announced: " I have to support Jose Rivera because I am with Ricky-but I really love Sergio (Assemblyman Candidate against Jose Rivera)".

Bill-Stay in Brooklyn-it is a MESS here in The Bronx-but keep up the great reporting