Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!

Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!
Ricky Martinez @ Mark Gjonaj

Our Candidate for 2012

Our Candidate for 2012
Clyde Williams-For Congress-Harlem, Washington Heights, Northwest Bronx


Ricky Martinez for State Assembly, 78th

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!
Manny Tavares for State Senate

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Inside The 11th-Inside The Campaign!

*Anthony Cassino WOW, their SEIU1199/Liberty Democratic Association (LDA) in the 81 Assembly District (Upper Norwood) office opened to mixed reviews. Anthony invited the seniors from Montefiore to attend his open house but the gremlins report it was 1/3 full. Yes, Campaign Director Chris Miller is ALIVE-and sprouting in Riverdale. JC, Mr Health Care, reports that "The 1199 Buses are right around the corner".

*The Committee of 100 Democrats- I do not know which one is worse-LDA invading The 78th Assembly District and knocking on The Chairman of 100 Democrats (Ricky Martinez) door----AND NO ONE WAS HOME!!!!... the gremlins report that Vice Chairman Robert Press was in his home base in Riverdale (The 81st) when the invasion began.

The Ben Franklin Club- This 81 Assembly Riverdale Based District club is organizing (we hope) for coverage in their upper Norwood areas. Last week, we saw 2 (2???) key helpers. The Ben Franklin Club boasts 100 members. I hope they agree that if Upper Norwood represents, at least 15% of the 11th CD, then at least 15 Ben Franklins should be at Upper Norwood. So far in Riverdale, they have been doing a GRRATTTT Job, despite the occasional "mis-steps" of the Young Koppell Campaign Team. But in upper Norwood, the question remains: How many Ben Franklins are coming to (in their words), "The Desert"?

Oliver Koppell-I might start to call him Mr Bedford Park and Norwood soon. He spent some quality time campaigning in the areas ending up at wonderful St Brendan's church as his long time Lower Norwood supporters in the 80th Assembly District and churchgoers chanted his initials: "OK-OK"

NWB Democrats-Well, were working hard covering our 80th Assembly Districts in Lower Bedford Park & Norwood. our community meetings in these areas will be announced REAL SOON

Inside The Campaign-14th District

You know its funny, some have said that we should not tell the truth as we might be giving our "game plans" the rate their changing, I am not sure if that makes sense....Besides, we always tell the truth......then use it to our advantage....(that's our always game plan)

*Maria Baez-Congrats to Campaign manager Richard Santiago. He is doing a great job in Kingsbridge , organizing a "Men's for Baez" event (we passed by in the Tapia-Batmobile...and it was nice to see Assemblyman Rivera working hard for his candidate) and to see the "maria Baez" posters in Kingsbridge........Rich....dont Shoot the messenger but the gremlins on Sedgwick Ave told me they are not there anymore)

*Fernando Cabrera- There are so many questions. So Little answers. Sometime in the next 7 days with the TV Debates coming up maybe we can learn why a man, living in Westchester County as a Registered Republican, working for community rights in other districts, sharing his values as a member of The Jerry Falwell Liberty University, while deciding NOT TO re-serve as a Community Board 7 member in 2006, as issues like "The Old Fordham Library and The Kingsbridge Armory" came to light in 2006 I go on???....Is that too many questions enough??????...thank you to organizations like The Norwood News and The Daily News for bringing these issues out to light as the campaign season gets HOT. And yes The posters on 183rd are wonderful.....(but we have gremlins there too)

*Yudelka Tapia-Now you see him....Now you don't!. ..........The rumors were out there....Halie Rivera working for Maria one wanted to believe them......Then Halie gives the campaign a call. He knows there's an opening. WE JUST FIRED our campaign manager. He wants to lead us to the promise land...............then 48 hours later.................He was given a proposal in Washington and he can not work on the campaign?
He thought he was leaving before...(click here)....but is he leaving again?????? Mr Rivera goes to Washington Part 2???

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is It "Business", or "Envy" "Hitman"?

Our organization supported Ruben Diaz in February of 2009. As Mr Press, Vice Chair of 100 Democrats says at a recent Ben Franklin (81st Assembly) club meeting, 100 Democrats (in the 78th) and NWB Democrats (in the 80th) 'postered" for his special election ,and shortly thereafter, gathered signatures for Mr Diaz in June.

So, why does "Hitman" John DeSio, once a mild manner reporter with The Riverdale Review, now a "Senior Spokesperson" for Boro President Ruben Diaz Jr decide to ask "The Bronx News" newspaper to kill our longstanding community article "North Bronx Thinktank"-unless its personal. We CANT BELIEVE Mr Diaz ordered this. and if we are right-------should he be fit for duty.......or fit right.....into the City Conflicts of Interest Board?....Hmmm...I think I found an item on next weeks agenda!

The Loss of A Great Democrat!!!!

What do you say about a man who symbolizes a Democratic Party to mean "working for the human being". While America honors the loss of such a great man, right here in The Bronx, Yudelka Tapia says, “I am very saddened to hear about the death of a very important figure in this country. Many might not know but Senator Ted Kennedy worked very hard to ensure that our community’s voices were heard.” said Tapia.“I and many others probably would have not been able to come to this country and fulfill the American dream.”

Inside The 11th-Meet G. Oliver Koppell

View more news videos at:

As the Video Voter Guide will show you above, 30% of this district is Non Riverdale. This is where NWB Democrats come into existence. Our non Riverdale members are long standing 25 year members-like the newest ones---in Scott Towers

As Oliver spreads the good news on his campaign, Challenger Anthony Cassino might have a campaign manager problem. Chris Miller is NOWHERE to be seen while their is a HOT RUMOR around town that Liberty Democratic Association President Ken Agosto has "left" the day to day working of the campaign-ironically just around the same time Mr Cassino said he would vote for Mike Bloomberg over Democratic Nominee, William Thompson. Mr Agosto is a BIG Bill Thompson supporter.

Inside The 12th-Meet Andy King & Go To His Fundraiser

View more news videos at:

While we have , of course, been more directly involved in The 11th & 14th Councilmanic race-we would and have not forgotten, the love for our brother Andy King!!!

So, Andy told me to give everyone a shout out and:

Andy invited you to "A Fundraiser" on Sunday, August 30 at 4:00pm.

Event: A Fundraiser
Host: Andy King
Start Time: Sunday, August 30 at 4:00pm
End Time: Sunday, August 30 at 7:00pm
Where: The Surreys *836 Tilden Street(corner of Bronxwood), Bronx, NY 10469

Inside the 14th-Meet Yudelka Tapia & our Secret weapons!!!

Councilwoman Maria Baez has decided not to show up for her 3 scheduled debates on :Bronxnet TV, Bronxtalk Primetime & News 12 The Bronx. Some say she is scared. Some say she's now finished. Some say the 3 way tight race will allow her to win (see below)

While Fernando Cabrera is reeling over the various questions, like ones mentioned in The Daily News Bronx Section (click here) , we are in full campaign mode as we get ready for our secret weapons:

a) The Tapia "Batmobile"- Speeding into your 14th councilmanic neighborhood!!!!!

b) All Hail-Haile Rivera: We got rid of a potential traitor and changed him with the original face of change in the 14th-our new "Get out The Vote" Director: Haile Rivera
c) Robin joining Batman? Coming, September 9th?

Koppell, Seabrook & Baez Win?????

As we come down the home stretch of the campaign, we take a look at the "TEST POLL" numbers; Underneath are numbers provided by Associated Press & By North Bronx Thinktank. Both called up 1000 eligible voters in various elements of the district.

Associated Press (AP) //North Bronx Thinktank
11th District 11th District
Koppell-58% Koppell 69%
Cassino 42% Cassino 31%

12th District: 12th District
Seabrook 57% Seabrook 35%
King 34% King 39%
Rice:9% Rice: 26%

14th District 14th Disrict
Baez-57% Baez 30%
Cabrera 28% Cabrera 31%
Tapia 15% Tapia 39%


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Inside our Revolution!!!

We thought, this week, and for the rest of election 2009, we will let you
"inside our campaigns"-a no holds barred true thought feeling process of our views, thoughts, efforts and resources regarding the 3 City Council races we are currently in:

11th Council-G. Oliver Koppell (Northwest Bronx)
12th- Andy King (Northeast Bronx)
14th Yudelka Tapia (South & North Central Bronx)

After 25 years of LOST North Bronx political power-let the revolution begin!!!.
Read The blog posts below

Is the Hitman Out again in District 7?

Last Week-it was the column, "North Bronx Thinktank" that the hitman stopped from coverage in The Bronx.
Now-it could be CB7 Chairman Gregory Faulkner & CB7 member John Harris next on his list.

Ruben Diaz just announced that he will not request an "alternative supermarket" in the Kingsbridge Armory.

Faulkner & Harris wanted a "BIG BOX" store to provide, what John Harris called, 'cheaper products with better quality". KARA, the Community group asking the developer , Related Companies and Diaz to forge ahead with a CBA. but clearly, Rubencito can not be happy with Greg and John

Word has it that Boro President "spokesman" John Desio was upset at a recent meeting when Faulkner @ Harris names came up (click here) (click here)
Could the , once, mild mannered reporter from the Riverdale Review be putting on his cape and loading his political guns?
Is it "Hitman Time"?

Inside the Campaign-The 11th District

Yes, The Oliver Koppell campaign staff messed up. All praise goes to Arthur Heller, Jason Jeramiah, Raffi, John and others in the office, After all, they are working 654 hours a day. Yes, A Costly mistake-in more ways than one

And it gets even stranger. 74 East Gun Hill Road.Right across from Mosholu Montefiore Community center (MMCC) This is the new Second Home of Liberty Democratic Association-The wonderful Pelham Parkway EASTSIDE club of Ken Agosto and Joe McManus. Now they have 2 offices. One in Riverdale-1 in Upper Norwood. BOTH in the 81st Assembly District of Jeffrey Dinowitz and The Ben Franklin Club.

At two conference call meetings, it was decided by Assemblyman Dinowitz and the Koppell staff that "Ben Franklin" will cover Upper Norwood. the Committee of 100 Democrats (With NWB Democrats help) has covered this area for 5 years. At the end of the discussion, Vice Chairman of 100 Democrats said "Good luck Oliver, I hope your still my Councilman'

NWB Democrats and the Committee of 100 Democrats stated at the meeting that we will hold our respective positions in the 80th Assembly and 78th Assembly district in regards to the council district. but like Mr Press, we are disturbed about this fact as well. Upper Norwood represents 20% of the council district. If Ben Franklin has not been in the Norwood 81st in 5 years, this decision could RISK the election of Mr Koppell. as of LAST WEEK, before the "invasion", NBT analysis still has Mr Koppell coming in with a composite 63% of the vote

Mr Anthony Cassino-funny, he gave up on his own West Side Riverdale based Club, North Bronx Democratic Association to work with EAST SIDE LDA. Either Saul and Tony had one hell of a fight or MoneyBags McManus made one hell of a withdrawl. Even the Norwood News, I am sure must be disapointed, after waiting over 4 years of organizational assistance. (click here)

Oliver- He's doing great. he has more energy than most of his own very young staffers. We will have him along Bedford Park & Lower norwood this week. Please post if you would like to join or meet our Council Candidate for The 11th Council District: G. Oliver Koppell

Inside our Campaign-The 14th District

Now things are getting more interesting by the minute:
*President Rubencito Diaz Jr Supports Fernando Cabrera. The CNG Blog article regarding the race not only draws the battle-lines-but also, AGAIN, shows that his campaign now has more questions than answers (click here) And on that note, THANK YOU Political Parent Party! for your continued committment.

And Maria Baez-Shes Alive Shes Alive. And she's doing big things. For starters, she showed up at City Hall to be endorsed by former Boro President Fernando Ferrer. We suspect, that The City Council marked her present this time-shes barely there! But one time this week, she had an excuse. Maria got the old gang together with a merchant owner on Kingsbridge and called it a Rally (click here) And , The slush truck, I do not think,
was there.

"And lest we forget, potential spoiler, perennial candidate Yudelka Tapia".
At least, this is how The Daily News treats our candidate Ms Yudelka Tapia but we do not mind. As Maria Baez tries to hold her core base and Fernando Cabrera answering more questions about himself on a daily basis, (click here) we believe Ms Tapia, in one of the tightest races for 2009, will squeak out a victory-courtesy of NWB Democrats and The Political Parent Party

Inside Our Campaigns:12th District

Candidate Andy King has had our vote from Day 1. Watch our video at his website:

In Co Op City in particular, he has energized the youth to get involved-first with Barack Obama and now, with his unique candidacy. We are honored to assist-in allowing Larry Seabrook to retire

Andy just had a sucessful petition drive and will have a Press Conference on August 20th, to announce his formal candicacy-for Democrat in the 12th District

And talk about Politics making strange bedfellows: NWB Democrats and Liberty Democratic Association......I guess...(I hope) working for the greater good.......

OR BETTER YET...Watch our segment.............North Bronx Democrats supports..... NOW

Monday, August 10, 2009

Working Families Party-Did They "Dis-endorse" Cabrera?

Now Let's be clear!

On July 31st, The Bronx media rumors started to float that 14th Councilmanic candidate Fernando Cabrera was "dis-endorsed" by The Working Families Party. On August 1st, our team did some research and found out two things:
a) Several media organizations reported on June 1st that WFP endorsed Fernando Cabrera
b)On The WFP Website "cropped" for that day (BELOW) as you can see, Mr Cabrera, NOR ANYONE, in the 14th Councilmanic District was endorsed by WFP. That alone, would not surprise us, as in 2005, WFP DID NOT endorse a candidate in the 14th Councilmanic race

Then On Mon Night, August 3rd, NWB asked Democratic Chairman Carl Heastie about this on Bronxnet TV and he indicated that the WFP was still endorsing him and everything else was mis-information

ON Tues-August 4th, WHOOLA, Their website, was updated:

Now, many are suggesting NWB Democrats are spreading false rumors. Today, we congratulate our TOP NOTCH STAFF TEAM by noticing this "flagrant error" and getting WFP-2 months later-to take 5 minutes to update their website. But you tell me, is WFP really supporting him????

From Independent Reporter to Boro President Hitman

John DeSio , once a mild mannered but hard hitting reporter with many of the local media and blogs, was one day-fired-and in his own words in 2007, "his services were no longer required"

Now, "Senor'"John, as George Jefferson once said, "moving on up" to the Press Spokeman of Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr, sure knows how to use his new powers as "Press Hitman". I guess you just use the same tactics-against other reporters.

Today, it will be reported that "North Bronx Thinktank" a column that was in The Bronx News newspapers was notified , after a 3 year relationship that their sevices "were no longer required".

There will be more on this soon. Apparently, Mr Desio & Our former Editor in Chief is not aware that:
a) Our Club posted over 400 signatures-for the election of Ruben Diaz Jr
b) We have the "Boro President's name" on our current campaign brochures -for our joint support of Councilman Oliver Koppell.
c) we recently praised him "in the Bronx News" over his call to investigate his own economic arm,BOEDC,under his prior president,Mr Carrion.
d) Our offer, since July, to profile The Deputy Boro President Ms Greene,in print and television, based on her long length of public service
d) We have asked to be placed on The President's e-mail listings to make his news,of TOP priority.

The Bottom Line; Mr DeSio held a "media get together for local;newspaper writers, bloggers, radio & tv alike.Because North Bronx Thinktank, is a media resource which includes;internet, e-mail, blog, tv and print venues, I thought I would express our displeasure that NBT was not invited.Obviouly,like an ealier time for Mr Desio, we woke up one day after, to this e-mail. Below is the offical statement from Editor In Chief Dan Gesslin and Publisher Michael Horowitz


TITLE: Your Services are no longer required!

Be advised that your columns will NO LONGER run in any Bronx News or
Hagedorn Communication publications, both in print and online.

I received a disturbing message from John Desio in the Borough
President’s office in which you carried on about not being invited to
a meeting and about the type of coverage the BP will receive in the
future as a result of this alleged snub. The Bronx News, meaning
myself as managing editor and City News editor Michael Horowitz, were
invited. However, we were not able to attend. YOU were not informed
because you are a columnist whose articles run at our leisure. You had
no authority to use the Bronx News name in whatever dispute you may
have with the borough president.

The Bronx News has had a long relationship with the BP’s office that
has been both courteous and at times confrontational based on our
stories. However, we have always respected the office as the BP
respects the press. To threaten the BP’s staff that you were not
invited to an event which you should have not been invited to in the
first place is unacceptable.

Be advised that you are not authorized to speak on our behalf or use
any logo, likeness or Bronx News authority in your columns or to use
to secure media credentials.

Dan Gesslein
Managing Editor
Bronx News