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Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!
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Our Candidate for 2012
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Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!
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Monday, August 10, 2009

From Independent Reporter to Boro President Hitman

John DeSio , once a mild mannered but hard hitting reporter with many of the local media and blogs, was one day-fired-and in his own words in 2007, "his services were no longer required"

Now, "Senor'"John, as George Jefferson once said, "moving on up" to the Press Spokeman of Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr, sure knows how to use his new powers as "Press Hitman". I guess you just use the same tactics-against other reporters.

Today, it will be reported that "North Bronx Thinktank" a column that was in The Bronx News newspapers was notified , after a 3 year relationship that their sevices "were no longer required".

There will be more on this soon. Apparently, Mr Desio & Our former Editor in Chief is not aware that:
a) Our Club posted over 400 signatures-for the election of Ruben Diaz Jr
b) We have the "Boro President's name" on our current campaign brochures -for our joint support of Councilman Oliver Koppell.
c) we recently praised him "in the Bronx News" over his call to investigate his own economic arm,BOEDC,under his prior president,Mr Carrion.
d) Our offer, since July, to profile The Deputy Boro President Ms Greene,in print and television, based on her long length of public service
d) We have asked to be placed on The President's e-mail listings to make his news,of TOP priority.

The Bottom Line; Mr DeSio held a "media get together for local;newspaper writers, bloggers, radio & tv alike.Because North Bronx Thinktank, is a media resource which includes;internet, e-mail, blog, tv and print venues, I thought I would express our displeasure that NBT was not invited.Obviouly,like an ealier time for Mr Desio, we woke up one day after, to this e-mail. Below is the offical statement from Editor In Chief Dan Gesslin and Publisher Michael Horowitz


TITLE: Your Services are no longer required!

Be advised that your columns will NO LONGER run in any Bronx News or
Hagedorn Communication publications, both in print and online.

I received a disturbing message from John Desio in the Borough
President’s office in which you carried on about not being invited to
a meeting and about the type of coverage the BP will receive in the
future as a result of this alleged snub. The Bronx News, meaning
myself as managing editor and City News editor Michael Horowitz, were
invited. However, we were not able to attend. YOU were not informed
because you are a columnist whose articles run at our leisure. You had
no authority to use the Bronx News name in whatever dispute you may
have with the borough president.

The Bronx News has had a long relationship with the BP’s office that
has been both courteous and at times confrontational based on our
stories. However, we have always respected the office as the BP
respects the press. To threaten the BP’s staff that you were not
invited to an event which you should have not been invited to in the
first place is unacceptable.

Be advised that you are not authorized to speak on our behalf or use
any logo, likeness or Bronx News authority in your columns or to use
to secure media credentials.

Dan Gesslein
Managing Editor
Bronx News

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