Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!

Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!
Ricky Martinez @ Mark Gjonaj

Our Candidate for 2012

Our Candidate for 2012
Clyde Williams-For Congress-Harlem, Washington Heights, Northwest Bronx


Ricky Martinez for State Assembly, 78th

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!
Manny Tavares for State Senate

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Help us support NW Bronx Liberation (and make $$$ too)

Our orginal State Senate Candidate was Desiree Pilgrim Hunter. For many reasons, it just did not work out. And as the race for State Senate became uglier and uglier as challangers; Fernando Tirado, Dan Padernacht and others attempted to galvalize the district. When the smoke cleared:

It was Gustavo Rivera Vs Pedro Espada!.

People that read this blog regularluy know that this blog was partly created-by wanting to keep ALL OF THE OUTSIDERS who want a piece of our district--out!!!!

And while some in the community even consider Gustavo a part time--insider/outsider---the same people say that it is more important to corral around Gustavo Rivera.

First Yorman Nunez, Desirees Campaign manager gets The Southern Office for Gustavo Rivera organized and now NWB Democrats is asked to help organize The Northern Office.



If anyone wants to help in the Liberation of Fordham, Kingsbridge, Bedford Park & Norwood, by helping Gustavo over Pedro Espada please LET US KNOW TODAY as there is an important training session going on Sunday and Monday. WE would love to have you work on the campaign. Please reach out to:

Gustavo Wins 64%-in Mailbox Vote

In the last 7 days, just out of curiosity, I put all of the campaign lit now to count it:

Lets see: 12 pieces:
5 from Campaign of Gustavo Rivera
3 from New Rooselvelt-for Gustavo
1 piece Dan Padernacht
1 from NYers for Perdo Espada
2 pieces-from outside union sources=for Pedro Espada

Numbers:  Gustavo 64% Pedro 24% Dan 8%.

oops....I think we predicted Dan would get 8% on Tuesday?

The Committee of 100 Democrats Endorse----Pedro Espada???.....Ricky says Yes-Bob says No????

Committee of 100 Democrats Robert Press & Ricky Martinez endorse Jose Rivera at
Committee of 100 BBQ, summer 2010


While most are attempting now in The 33rd State Senate to "galvanize the district" for Senate Candidate Gustavo Rivera, the community elements get stranger and stranger.

Below is the New York Post Story, highlighting that The Local Community Group, The Committee of 100 Democrats will NOT BACK Gustavo Rivera on Tuesday. While Vice Chair Robert Press claims he preferred Dan Padernacht over Gustavo Rivera or Perdo Espada---The Chairman of The Committee of 100 Democrats--Ricky Martinez has publicy endorsed Pedro Espada. NEITHER PREFERRED GUSTAVO!!!

The NWB Gremlins called up Ricky & Bob to confirm if Robert Press, who endorsed The Jose Rivera Ricky Martinez ticket at The Committee of 100 Democrat BBQ would endorse Pedro Espada as well.

While Ricky Martinez, currently in Puerto Rico, confirmed his allegance to Pedro Espada, Vice Chair Robert Press stated, "I am not working for anyone, Jose, Gustavo, Pedro or Ricky"

New York Post Article (click)

A Recent Look at The Blog for The Committee of 100 Democrats-100  (click) Percent- confirms THE 100 DEMOCRATS INVOLVEMENT

The NYC Reform Heroes of 2010 need your help this weekend

Lets Give what many call "The 2010 Heroes of Reform" a helping hand
From the Candidates themselves!!!

* Rev Carmen Hernandez-Bronx Distrixt Leader Candidate-85th Assembly District

We are looking for poll workers on Election day. Please email us at friendsof_carmenhernandez@live.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your full name and phone number and someone will contact you. if you need to make some extra money on Spetember 14th 2010. Take the day off at work and can paid to help us make history. If you get annual time, it like two pay checks for the day. Email us today!

Doug Biviano-Brooklyn Assembly 52nd District

Charlie Ramos-State Senate Candidate, 32nd District
In one week, voters in the 32nd Senatorial District of Bronx County will go to the polls to elect their next State Senator. They'll face a stark choice between Rev. Ruben Diaz, Sr. - who will continue to be an obstructionist - and Charlie Ramos, who has a deep commitment to building community and developing the next generation of future leaders

Charlie is the only candidate in the race who will be a strong partner for Albany and work with his colleagues in government to improve our broken system and get our economy back on track.
His opponent is not only bad for the Bronx, but all New Yorkers. Diaz, Sr. has been a leader in the chaos and dysfunction in Albany, and his transgressions are limitless

He was the ONLY Democrat who voted against a bill which declared those living with HIV/AIDs shall not be required to pay more than 30% of their household income towards rent;

He co-sponsored a bill to eliminate seniority protection of public school teachers;

He first voted against a package of reforms to the juvenile justice system, only to switch his vote after Senator Parker sternly criticized him;

He has stood silent on tenant issues - including when a landlord in the heart of his district was arrested for failing to make court ordered repairs to his building which had well over 662 open violations;

He is the most vocal opponent to marriage equality; and

He has the 3rd lowest voting record. He passed 5 bills in 2008 and only 2 bills in 2009. (See,

That's why I am standing with Charlie Ramos -- and why Progressive organizations are counting on us to send him to Albany.

In a tight race such as this, donating $25, $50, $100, $250, $1000 or whatever you can could make the difference. Moreover, signing up to volunteer on Election Day can equally make a difference. To sign up, please email us at with time and availability. On September 14th, the polls open at 6:30 am and close at 9:00 pm.
Remember, your contribution can make a difference. Please donate today!
Also, remember to vote on Election Day, September 14! Only a handful of voters could mean the difference that brings well-needed change to the Bronx and New York!


Natasha Dillon

Super Volunteer

Ariel Ferrrira- 71St Assembly Candidate, Manhattan
 It's crunch time. Elections are in 4 days! Mark your calendars! Tuesday, Sept. 14th, you will have the power to vote for a new leadership who will finally bring soluions to the problems of our community. Let's take our community back!

Spread the word! Tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and/or relatives to vote for Ariel Ferreira for NYS Assembly for th 71st Assembly District.

The 71st Assembly District is from 145th st to 162nd street from River to River then from 162nd St to 215th street everything west of Broadway including Fort Washington, Bennett, Cabrini, Haven, Pinehurst, Riverside Drive, Seamen, Cooper, Payson, Overlook Terrace, Park Terrace West. So if you or anyone you know in those areas, tell them to vote for Ariel Ferreira.
New Leadership! New Direction!

If you wish to help out on the day of election, feel free to email or call Daniel at 646-247-5414.

We will also be having a volunteers meeting on Saturday Sept. 11th, 2010 at 6:00 pm at 3651 Broadway Ave between 150th and 151st street.

Hope to see you there!

The power is in your hands to change the leadership of this community!

Sebantian Ulagma-Co-Op City District Leader
The campaign gained a lot of steam and is rolling full throttle into Tuesdays primary with our community grassroots roots campaign. We have been endorsed by The Bronx Dominican Parade organization and the Grand Council of Hispanic Societies in Public Service. I attached a photo of myself as well

Here is some background info on me;

Sebastian Ulanga-Santiago

For District Leader of Coop City
Father, Husband, Activist, Leader
He is well known as PS 160 Co- President of the PTA, Community School District 11 Presidents Council President, Co-Chair of the Coalition against the MTA Cuts, Coalition to save affordable housing member , Co-Chair of the PCB-Free NYC Schools Parent Coalition, Coop City Youth and New Sales Committee member and Coop City Spanish American Club.

Given Sebastian’s compassion for the issues in Coop City, he will make an excellent representative for the people. Sebastian has lived in Coop city since the early age of 13 - nearly 20 years. He has laid a foundation for his family in Coop City and is active in this election for District Leader to ensure the quality of life for his family and yours. Not only does Sebastian live in Coop City with his wife Jenny Ulanga-Santiago of 11 years, and their four children (Jennesy, Jennise, Sebastian Jr., Jennisa), his sister lives there as well. His parents lived there for 15 years and are currently retired and living in Florida. Sebastian is an 1199 union baby and a third generation union worker.

Sebastian has college degrees which gives him direct insight into how he can help the community. In 2006 he graduated from Bronx Community College (BCC) with a two year degree and in 2007 he graduated from Lehman College with a four year degree in Political Science. Sebastian has insight into two worlds, education and community life. Bringing them together he will undoubtedly make Coop City a better place to live while providing a voice to the people. Sebastian comes from a multi-cultural background. His last name Ulanga and ancestry come from Africa and his parents were born in Puerto Rico. Sebastian married Jenny Coste-Ulanga who is Dominican. Coop City provides the perfect melting pot environment for them. Sebastian is the real deal!

Sebastian is a husband and father above all else and that speaks volumes. It is his most important goal in life to provide a secure, safe, and nurturing environment for his family and the people around them. In part the environment has a lot to do with this and Sebastian has many initiatives to clean up Coop City as well as the Bronx borough parks. He will make the parks safe for his children and yours by cleaning out the trash, broken glass, maintaining Coop City in the Mitchell-Llama program to guarantee affordable housing for working families, and providing more public safety officers. He picks the children up from school and helps them with homework everyday.

Sebastian has experience with organization and people’s rights. He has an Associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. In 2002, Sebastian was instrumental in organizing the unionization of three satellite sites at Beth Abraham Health services; he was elected a 1199 union delegate after only being there for a year. In 2010 started a business Paralegal Services LS Incorporated to help the community with credit issues, mortgages and attorney referrals.

In 2008 Sebastian became directly involved when two teenagers were stabbed in the Coop City community. He was the only person who stood up and organized a candlelight vigil, calling for more Coop City police and NYPD police presence. He has been an outspoken advocate of equal education funding across the board for all of our children education. Currently his biggest task is organizing a campaign against PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls). PCBs are found in any building built between 1950 and 1979.

Thank You and Best regards

Sent from Sebastian Ulanga

Candidate for the

82nd Assembly District Leader

Part A

Office 800-305-2049


Cell 347-231-4821





Monday, September 6, 2010

The 3rd Candidate Strategy?

2008: September -Richard Soto, The 3rd Candidate in The Pedro Espada Vs Efrain Gonzalez 33rd State Senatte Race backs out and because of the last minute cancellation, it is too late to take him off the ballot. Many politicos believed Richard was working for Espada at that time.

RESULT: Espada Wins. Many political insiders believed that Richard's "vote for me the community guy" Soto's campaign generated enough speed-that is was one of the main contributors in Espada's Win-by at that time a viable 3rd Candidate

                                                           SOUND FAMILAR??????

Read The Shocking (and hopeful) cancellation of Dan (The 3rd Candidate) Padernecht decision to bow out of The Race-he says-to help get rid of Perdo Espada----while still being on the ballot for Primary Day  During this campaign, many of the same politicos have said Danny is working for Pedro to siphon off votes.

2010 Result?

Read The Daily News Article

Read The NY Times Article

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bronx debates: Gustavo snubs Morris Heights and the West Side over East Side? Why Gustavo Why?

Well, Im not sure how but what an upset!

One Night-Sept 2nd-2 Major Debate Outlets:

Winner: EAST SIDE NAACP Democratic Candidates Night

First Vice President Biarni Burke reported a tremendous success as over 200 people jammed The Church to hear their elected officials: Ironically enough, while this east side event pronounced many east Side Candidates, they also courted and won, over the overly promoted Bronx News Network, the candidates from The 33rd State Senate District: But a quick overview:

*Firstly, A New Party, "The Freedom Party" was their strongly represented by Gov Candidate Charles Barron. He joined his Attorney General Candidate Ramon Jimenez in attacking AG Candidate Broadsky and others as being "Albany insiders" that gave us the mess we are in now".

*In The State 33rd District-Mr Gustavo Rivera and Pedro Espada showed up and faced both each other and the public. Pedro starts off by mentioning his "humble beginnings" and his "long record of accomplishments" in helping people and community. Mr Rivera got up and seriously questioned his long record and said "many others were also looking and questioning" it.Mr Espada was received well.
*In The 32nd State Senate District-the crowd got woundddddd up as Charlie Ramos went off against Ruben Diaz Sr....well, almost!. By coin toss, Ruben went first and announced that The South Bronx has been reborn and if you looked at his record of accomplishments you will see that he was a leader in Bronx Reform. Ruben also stressed, as a pupil of "God" that he will be ALWAYS against same sex marriage.
Charlie Ramos then gets up-as Mr Diaz strolls quickly out-and slams him hard. "What changes in the South Bronx? Mr Ramos indicated, "If he is a leader in Bronx reform I assure you if you look at Rev Diaz accomplishments, you will find nothing". Mr Dan Padernacht, who is also a candidate in the 33rd was not at this event, as he was at the other de3bate, at Fordham Evangelist Church. Editors note: At that event, many booed wheen announced Mr Rivera was not coming. It was already expected Perdo Espada was not going to attend the west side debate).

*Also on hand and said a few words were: 80th Assembly Candidate Robert Giuffre, 78th Assembly Candidate Sergio Villiardre, 86th Assembly Candidate Nelson Castro and 76th assembly Candidate Peter Rivera.

Our job, says NAACP 1st VP Mr Burke says, was to engage the candidates to talk to their community". Well, The East Side succeeded!.

All we know is this: People have been saying that Rev Ruben Diaz Sr is The REAL Chair of Bronx County. In 2009, we were leaders in The Yudelka Tapia candicacy and we thought doing quite well.......till one day.................ALL THE ICE CREAM TRUCKS CAME OUT AND YELLED "Vote for Cabrera" ...and the rest some say is history.

Although I thought we combatted in well last year "The Batmobile Vs The Ice Cream Trucks", this year, Ruben has decided to take out the whole fleet, right next to his church........oh

Read the wonderful stories below

Part 1-He Has The trucks
part 2-Now he has The IRS Looking


Yes William Stan....oops...MR X....wants you to come out and lend your voice to the "thousands upon thousands" that will out to protest the MTA raise in fares.

9-13-Manhattan-The Cooper Union-The Great Hall-7th Street & 3rd Ave
9/15-Bronx-Hostos Community College-450 Grand Concourse
9/16-Staten island-St George Theatre-35 Hyatt St
                                             9/20-Queens-Sheraton Laguardia Hotel-135-20 39th Ave
                                            9/21-Westchester-Performing Arts Center- 11 City Place, White Plains

All Hearings start at 6PM. Registration is at 5PM. For more info call: 212.878.7483

A Limited Unlimited Metro Card indeed. Remember folks, it was The State Legislature who gave the Power to The MTA that created this mess. Do you think they should take it back?

thanks Bill..oops..MR X...and keep up the amazing reporting

Candidate Night in Bedford Park

Sept 1st, 2010, was The First Bedford Mosholu Community Association meeting and many of the candidates were nice enough to show up:

80th Assembly- Robert Giuffre made what he indicated was a major announcement when he said "I will put a district office in this neighborhood".He stressed his Morris Park roots and his passion for quality of life and more assistance for police. When asked a question about where was the highest crime area in his district, he said "I dont know but I presume this one". (OH OH). Many were puzzled that neither Naomi Rivera nor LDA founders Kenny Agosto or Joe McManus were not there, considering that they are all running as a slate for continued office.
You can learn more about Mr Robert Giuffre at:

33rd State Senate: Well another Pedro no show allowed for Round 2 of The Danny Boy Padernacht Vs Gustavo Rivera confrontation. Mr. Padernachht stressed his community roots and family involvement and his legal experience as pre-requirements for the position, while Mr Rivera, once again, spitted out the endorsements, one by one---Diaz Jr, Fernando Ferrer, Annabel Palma, 1199/SEIU, etc,etc, .some times making no sense. For example, mentioning The endorsement of Fernando Cabrera & Jeffrey Dinowitz when neither represent Bedford Park. Mr Rivera believes his community experience comes from his "experience working with progressive officals in City Hall, The State and on The Federal Level".

You can learn more about both of them at:

78Th Assembly-State Committee Candidate Ricky Martinez made an apperance and declared himself "the homegrown candidate" in his race and said he has "lived in the Bronx my whole life" and believes his main job as State Committeeman is to "keep you the public informed about events up in Albany and the Community". 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gustavo: I want to represent you, my neighbor/Danny Boy-How Can You-Your An Outsider!!!!

Well, some would say, Pedro Espada is laughing all the way to the bank.. Bronxnet TV 33rd State Senate Debate was such great TV, that frankly we have to say , DANNY BOY WON!!!

The Greatest Line in this 30 minute debate between Gustavo Rivera Vs Dan Padernacht (and they were some goodies) was when  Gustavo (after being jabbed by Danny several tiimes for no community involvement) mentiones that "Its telling that Pedro was not there to take the lead in The Kingsbridge Armory Re-development".. Danny Boy gives him a classic left hook by reminding him, "You Were not either"

Gustavo took so many left hooks to the ribs , his basic political skills abanded him, spitting out different endorsements-everytime---I mean every time--that Moderator Gary Axelbank asked him a question. A telling sign, indeed!.

Click for The Debate

South East Bronx reform-Uncle Charlie or God Almighty?

Yes, that's our pet name for him. We met Senator Candidate Ramos as part of the Bronx Campaign Team in 2009 for Mayoral Candidate William Thompson (he was my boss) and frankly, we never enjoyed working for a more caring man. Rev Diaz Sr, frankly to us, is a good man. Hey, there is nothing wrong with Christian Conservative Values. But we need sound reform-not same old government-and Ruben Diaz Sr is more conserned with being "a playa" in the divided State Legislature and The Bronx Democratic party-so divided-that NOW he himself declares him "A Political Master" and fights with his son, Bronx Borough president Ruben Diaz over who should lead reform in the North West District. oh Yes, The Master supports Pedro Espada!
Maybe its time for reform in The South East Bronx! We simply believe that Charlie Ramos is reform-just like Adam-and so does The NYC Daily Gotham.
Click to read more

Is It Powell Time?

Political History happened in 1989. NYC politics changed. There was no more Board of Estimate-now an empowered City Council. Also, boundaries lines were changing and gerrymandering was required. The result; More representation from the residents and businesspeople from within their own communities. Thus, a more centralized Harlem.

No, we are not talking 1944, when Harlem opened up its first Congressional Seat and voted in Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. we are talking about the election of 1991 when many of us (some living in Harlem at the time) decided to keep History and political Independence alive by Supporting Adam Clayton Powell, IV into city government as a Councilman.

Twenty years later, we have st rived for this Independence all over the city boundaries. This movement, we believe, has assisted in the makings of a 1992 Fusion Party and a 1994 Bronx Independence party. This movement also allowed us to help install some of The County Chairs, from Keith Wright in Manhattan to Jose Rivera in The Bronx. This movement has also allowed us to assist in the areas of Brooklyn and work with great campaign teams. This movement allowed to inject some life into what was dead political activity in The Bronx; establishing The Committee of 100 Democrats in 2005 and The Liberty Democratic Association in 2008 .We still do not know if this "Independence Movement" created The New Bronx Rainbow Coalition or destroyed the prior workings of a rebuilt party-destoyed by The Friedman's in 1994 (by the help of independents).

You will learn below more of our working for 2010, with the belief that 20 years ago, and 20 years from today, we are still on the verge of making political history-for the prospect of good independent government. This year, we go back to where it all began for some of us; Harlem USA. A Different Place than in 1990. Hell Yeah!. Has Charlie Rangel achieved community greatness, YES HE HAS!. Is it time for another POWELL MAN in Congress to continue what we believe to be over a 90 year Powell (Jr, IV) and Rangel representation?---KEEP THE FAITH, BABY!!!! (Even in The Bronx)

And an update on click The Daily News Rangel-Powell Debate

Sept 2nd= Bronx Night in Political Debates

Transportation Alternatives is sponsoring a debate of the 33rd District Senate candidate on Thursday, Sept. 2, at 7 p.m. at Fordham Evangelical Lutheran Church, 2430 Walton Ave. (right smack in the middle of the district).Candidates Gustavo Rivera and Dan Padernacht have both agreed to participate and share their views and opinions on transit and other vital community issues. Unfortunately, the incumbent Pedro Espada Jr. has (thus far) declined to show up.

The NAACP has also announced on Sept 2nd they will be holding their own candidates night; from The Attorneys General race to many District Leader Races. Bronx NAACP Chair Burke has indicated to us that the key races the group is focusing on is the; 76th, 78th and 86th Assembly races and The 31st, 32 and 33rd State Senate races. The Debate will be held at " Westchester Methodist Church, 2547 East Tremont, from 7-9PM. Oh Boy, Sept 2nd will be a HOT political North-South-East-West Throw down!. Only interesting part is: With one on Fordham and the other on Tremont-will the cross town traffic be good enough?

A Revolution-or a continuation?

2010, will be a "historic year" in Bronx Politics-for its lows!!!!!!

First, we have stopped immediate assistance on the campaigns of Nelson Castro & Jose Rivera. We believe both of these Assemblyman deserve re-election. Not because of their "greatness" however but the lack of greatness from there challengers.
a) Castro runs against Hector Ramirez- a nice man who is District Leader-many say was next in line for The Assembly job before Castro-has spent now years in his District Office-not being able to communicate to the Bronx Higher Ups. Why? Because he can not speak English. Should it be a requirement? Well, we would preume so guessing that over 80% of The State Legislature does not speak Spanish as their first language. Hector needs to go to ESL classes in Bronx Community College, instead of going to Albany. Even sadder, independent Yudelka Tapia, has now gone to the other side, working with Hector Ramirez after orginally accepting The Female District leader job from Castro. Finally even sadder, Nelsonn hired "Strategic Strategies" a loose knit consulting firm headed by Sherman Brown, key aide for former Councilwoman Maria Baez and Assemblyman Jose Rivera. And many insiders will now tell you in the campaign: It has been mistake after mistake after mistake and because of this NWB Democrats, has slowed down its support for Mr Castro until this consulting group gets back on its tender feet.

b- Jose Rivera-NWB Democrats has also slowed down its grass roots efforts for Assemblyman Rivera, partly requested by The Assemblyman himself. In 2006, NWB Democrats supported Efrain Gonzalez and received over 80% of the total vote. In 2008, Efrain decided not to ask NWB Democrats and injected The Committee of 100 Democrats to run their campaign. Mr Gonzalez lost to Pedro Espada-60-40%. Now, Mr Jose Rivera, by picking The Committee of 100 over NWB Democrats to run his campaign, we believe, might be setting up the same trap that Efrain created for himself in 2008. While NWB Democrats has been 12 for 16 in campaign tests the last 8 years, The Committee has gone 1 for 5 in the last 3 years. Good Luck Jose!. As a man of the people we believe he is going to win, and Rickys candicacy can not hurt him, but the "lack of troop" power that has been facing The Committee in recent years has got to worry the "higher ups"
c- Inside-Outside-Inside
In full disclosure, we wanted Desiree Pilgrim Hunter to win for State Senator-why-because in our opinion, she was the only REAL candidate from the NWB neighborhood.
Gustavo Rivera-a nice man who has no community presence in The Bronx
Pedro Espada-which we still today are not sure which house, borough or state he lives in.
The New Rooselvelt Group-from New Rochelle-not the Bronx. SOUNDS ALL LIKE OUTSIDERS ON THE INSIDE, Right?

d- While we do not enjoy The Snooki name attached to Assemblywoman Rivera we must admit, coonsidering that Snooki is hot, that we believe that is a GREAT COMPLIMENT for Naomi.
NWB Democrats have decided NOT TO GIVE support to this race because Naomi Rivera-supports Kenny Agosto----and Kenny Agosto--supports Naomi Rivera...OH, you didnt know? They were trying to keep it quiet-but THEY ARE A TEAM.
Yes, The Same people that challenger Robert Guiffee says MUST BE ELIMINATED from office. But Sadly Robert needs more of a history lesson. When he says "Naomi is the worst legislator we ever had"-and says in the next breath-"I would have supported Kenny Agosto for Assemblyman"-just shows the political naiveness of Robert. Simply put, if you hate the job Naomi is doing why would you support her puppetmaster!. Yes, Kenny Agosto planted Naomi Rivera into her current job and for this trickery at its highest level-we decided to walk away.

e- While we are still supporting Ricky Martinez for State Committeeman yes, indeed we do have a lot of worries. Firstly, Ricky will get some monetary help from Pedro Espada (read below). Secondly, the committees depressed troop level (from 100 in 2006 to 5 today) does not make it an easy race to say the least. As a matter of fact, Ricky had to create a new troop, "The Committee of 100 Ladies" to hand out his petition when his Executive Board (Robert Press, Rene Cuesta, Chris Jones) all declined to work the summer to get Ricky signatures. To Ricky's credit-The word is he got 600. Sadly though, not 1 signature was received by The Executive Board.
f- Maybe our biggest reason for disolusion in The Bronx is the statement above by Adam IV. In The Bronx, 1981, we had Webtech-a government ripoff-and since then-started a 40 year downhill spiral of Bronx Corpution and Bad policies that today, 30 years, now has The Bronx Dems standing as a shadow of its former self. In 1962, Bronx Dems had the president's (of the US) ear, today, they are lucky if they can get the ear to the sanitation department to clean their streets. We had big hope in The Bronx and still do, especially on the North and SouthEast sides (Go Charlie Ramos) but today, as we started in our first campaign for Adam Clayton Powell IV 20 years ago as a Councilman, Adam's race to us, represents the continual evolution of an Independent voice in NYC politics and that is where the bulk of our efforts will be this year.

g- but maybe lastly, who is the real king of Bronx Politics? Chairman Carl Heastie gets orders from NYS Democratic Party to terminate Pedro Espada's membership from Bronx Dems party. Carl passes off big problem to 2nd in command Jeffrey Dinowitz-who says-there is no need to act now. But then they both push their resources to attempt to get Nelson Castro off the Democratic Ballot Line? Even worse, last minute Jeffrey Dinowitz token support of Gustavo Rivera in the 33rd State senate, after supporting Riverdalian Dan Padernect all summer, now assures Danny Boy will get 10%of the total vote-and Gustavo might lose!. Who wins? If Pedro does, is it Jeffrey's fault?----or does he want Pedro to win all along (Editors Note: NWB Democrats announced Jeffrey's double dipping of candidates in 2009 when he supported both,; Anthony Cassino AND Oliver Koppell for City Council). What we do understand however, that $250,000 of monies allocated to Gustavo by his suporters New Rooselvelt CAN NOT GO TO Gustavo directly----is that why Jeffrey's Ben Franklin Club and Kenny Agosto's Liberty Democratic Club are now supporting Gustavo?. Yes times are tuff---even in the Democratic Clubs pocketbook.
And that why we are leaving most of these Bronx races this year. Yes clubs should get paid for hard political work-but at least were ethical!

Mr X Speaks

If there is a hard working person traveling-from Bronx to Brooklyn-to demonstrate his political character-they could be no one ironally better than William "Mr X" Stratford.

If anyone wants to work in Brooklyn, Mr X is currently working with a group in Brooklyn outlining Darlene Mealy's case for higher office.According to William, she will be working hard.

Up in the Boogie Down Bronx however, William has been stymied by the uglyness of Bronx Politics. "I have just been told by Robert Press & Ricky Martinez, workers for The Jose Rivera campaign that they are waiting for a bunch of monies from Pedro Espada to finish there campaign. Its a shame Ricky decided to go with Pedro".

It gets even stranger when NWB Democrats attempted to find out about this situation, and Robert Press announced: " I have to support Jose Rivera because I am with Ricky-but I really love Sergio (Assemblyman Candidate against Jose Rivera)".

Bill-Stay in Brooklyn-it is a MESS here in The Bronx-but keep up the great reporting

Monday, June 21, 2010

June 24th-Justice in Harlem!!!!

Londel's Rest. In HARLEM!!!!

Press Conference: Joseph Huff: Candidate for US Senate

Between 139 & 140th Streets & Frederick Douglas Blvd.

TIME: 6:30PM

Mr Joseph Huff wants you to join him for "Munchies" as he tells The Prress (and Us) on his fundamental plan to put, as he calls it, "New Yorkers Back To Work".

Is it Good Bye Espada?????

Of Course, with Ms Pilgrim Hunter going against Mr Pedro Espada in the 33rd State Senate District, she could use all the help she can get!!!!!


Read on how our wonderful candidate just keeps "racking up" the endorsements.

Wanna Get Civic????

There are many candidates that can use your help-----NOW!!!!!!

*Adam Powell For Congress (click here for website)

350 East 116th Street

(bet 1st & 2nd aves)

917-723-0070, campaign cell

Joseph Huff (click here for website)


Mr Ariel Ferreira (click here for website)

809 West 177th St


NorthWest Bronx Democrats are assisting many candidates with "Paid Positions" for the operational developments of Local, State & Congressional campaigning. If you would like more specific information please e-mail our Director, Anthony Rivieccio, at ;

Charlie Ramos Vs God????


Rev Ruben Diaz Sr says he speaks "The Word of God". On that note alone, we ask all Bronxites to assist Charlie Ramos in his quest to unseat, "God".

I truly wonder how many people, in the picture above walking with Ruben Sr (oops God), support "Equal Marriage"???

Yep, maybe its all time for us to support God-and unseat the impostor!

To Assist in Mr Ramos quest (and be saved!!!!!?????) Learn more at his website (click here)

80th Assembly District:Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman

Anyone Know or Remember Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde?
In short, it was about a person, who had both, a good side and bad side.

These days, The 80th Assembly District feels the same way. Since the sad "political war" of 2008 and the "crumbling" of The Liberty Democratic Club. Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera & Kenny Agosto have kept up the pace in their 2 year war. Kenny's club, going against Councilman Koppell; firing poll watchers in The Scott & Tracey Towers areas of the District and most sadly, "not including" The 80th West Side Communities (Bedford park, Norwood, Van Courtlandt Village, Fort Independence) to participate in 80th political activities. And on the other side on this coin, Assemblywoman Rivera, some would say, has been no better, not just stating that "Liberty Democratic Association" DOES NOT represent the 80th assembly District, but also not formulating or assisting in any re-development of another club.

So, many were "SHOCKED" when "out of the blue" A SINGLE TICKET EMERGES:
NAOMI RIVERA, Assemblywoman
Ken Agosto, District Leader
Joe McManus-Stare Committeeman
Diane Cerino- State Committeewoman

Some call it peace. We call it. Dr Jekyll& Mr Hyde-The 2010 Version!!!! And the community rumor is: NO ONE IS BUYING IT!. Maybe, that's because, no one can sell it!

So, in this destruction of a political district, does an independent emerge?

Mr Robert Giuffre, a Morris Park Resident says, he is "FED UP" and is goimg to try to unify the district with his candidacy. His website, is really interesting, because, OMG, it talks about ISSUES (click here)

We have NOT taken a position on The 8oth Assembly District Yet but Ill tell you this. We need Naomi to explain why SHE SUPPORTS KENNY and for The Liberty Democratic Association to explain why THEY SUPPORT ASSEMBLYWOMAN RIVERA?

With Mr Agosto's recent declaration that he will not actively support Naomi in The District, I would suggest:Before they convince us, I think they have more more doing to convince themselves first.

The New King of Fordham Road??

In 1979, when there was a North Bronx (at that time) which was over 70% White, many residents and merchants were worried about their quality of life. They were worried, as many were in the South Bronx before then, that the "habits" of other minorities would bring "crime, fires and other quality of life" issues, that The Southern Bronx started to develop, as early as the 1950's.

Well, 32 years later, we know "most' of the story. Yes, crime, since 1993, has gone down, in some areas, as much as 90%. Fires, were nill. But on the bad (or good side-depending on what side of the fence your own) side, many 1979 North Bronx residents and Merchants: Died or Moved-Moving to places like Riverdale. These residents did not want to help the neighborhood that they lived in, they just went to create a new one.

So, it is NO SURPRISE that now Riverdale Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (A Former Kingsbridge Resident)wants to be "The New King" of Fordham Road by trying to dethrone the 2010 Elected Offical base of Assemblyman Jose Rivera by supporting candidate Sergio Villaverde in his quest for 78th Assembly Power.

North West Bronx Democrats belives Sergio is a good and honorable man. But I hope Sergio remembers that Today, Fordham Road does not have the same 'tone" as the Man who woul;d want to be King!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Change--from Within--Not Out Side

People do not realize how wonderful this is. In the Central Bronx, after some would say has been tantamount to 40 years of corruption, is going through Change----Change from within...
Assemblyman Jose Rivera and Chairman of 100 Democrats Ricardo "Ricky" Martinez (of course with the help of NWB Democrats) and several others have "forged a partnership" to create a new leadership within the 78th Assembly District.
Ricky Martinez for State Committeeman will be equal to 2nd in Command. Another historic event is that we just submitted to Assemblyman Rivera over 75 County Committee names to be submitted for "Petition Entry". With The 78th District needing 150 County Committee people just to have representation, our new Partnership ensures both , the completion of The Work that Assemblyman Rivera has for the district and secures good training ground for the future leadership in The 78th Assembly District, once Mr Rivera plans to retire.
Lets thank our "Top 15" County Committee Captains in Training:
1-Genoveva Martinez
2-Jose Alvarez
3-Joseph Alvarez
4-Lee Ann Alverez
5-Frank Schafer
6-Patricia Goldman
7-Bell Goldman
8-John McCoy
9-Juaquin Separeda
10-Ricardo Martinez
11-Aaron Planz
12-John Colon
13-Juan Melendez
14-Linda Melendez

After 20 years of Central Bronx Corruption-A Clearer Picture Takes Hold?

Lets be quickly blunt about this:
Firstly, we have made our position known for at least a year-ESPADA DOES NOT LIVE IN THE BRONX.
We celebrate Ms Desiree Hunter's desire to be the first "homegrown" candidate for change-for The 33rd State Senate-and we applaud her!!!
Secondly, some of our members are or were formers NWBCCC members including "Get Out The Vote" captains in the 1990's so we pause and hope Ms Hunter does not risk the organizations status, as she is a Current Executive Board Member.
But lastly, we can not think of this time for a better "Homegrown" Candidate for The 33rd State Senate District than a taste of NWBCCC into The Political fray. It is almost the same cry as our manta----decades of community voice with NO political representation.
Yes The Political Bronx is changing and we will support her courageous run
Look At our earlier blog that will guide you towards our simple feelings of "NEIGHBOR" Perdo Espada.

Is It Goodbye 4 or 3 or 2 Amigos????

Was Charlie the point man for William Thompson's campaign in The Bronx (IN WHICH HE WON)??? (Besides our help,) CHARLIE RAMOS!!!!!!
Was Charlie The Point man in 2009 empowering Bronx residents with his founding for "Bronx For Change", HELL YA!!!!
As you can see, we are Mr Charlie Ramos for State Senate fans and when you learn a little about him below, we think you will to.
As we now learn that The Area of Soundview had been "goaded" by political animals, for at least the last four decades, don't you agree-maybe its time , we had, "A Change"????
Meet Charlie At "The House Parties for Change"

A Simple Voice, A Great Heart-A Future Congressman?

Who's Joseph Huff????.

Maybe you need to find out. As Congressional seats open up, meet a Born Bred Bronxite--now ready to take it to Washington

Meet Joseph at our "House Parties for Change"

A Bread Market in The Kingsbridge Armory?

In The Northeast Bronx, particular in places like Eastchester and Woodlawn, tress and open space have been threaten by over development projects like Project Renewal Homeless Shelters, Community Centers, The National Guard and Transitional Housing!. What's the answer?

Meet Mark Rodriguez, On Saturday , May 29th & Saturday June 5th, as a current member of The Borough President Task Force Committee on The Kingsbridge Armory has ideas to save The NorthEast Bronx.

Meet Mark's biggest fans: The Political Parent Party---And our Good Friends---in assisting to take our North Bronx Back!

House Party For Change:
Saturday May 29th 2-4PM
Bedford Park
3015 Perry Ave

Saturday June 5th

Contact: Anthony Rivieccio (347.575.5045)

20 Years in The Making!!!!

Some of our NWB Democrat crowd are pretty happy right now. 20 years ago, we helped the campaign of then Councilman Adam C Powell , create an "independent Harlem", as the new boundaries, were created to have , like 6 decades ago, The 1st Black elected official , in Harlem. Six decades ago, it was a Congress seat-in 1990, it was a Council seat.. In 2010, we take great pleasure in assisting "A Powell Man" to take over his fathers seat. And yes, Charlie Rangel, after Adam Jr---you did deliver---but it is time for a change!!!!

Click to see history in the making!!!!!!!!!!!


NY Times-1991

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Homegrown Candidate: 83rd Assembly District

Below is the official press release of Assembly Candidate for The 83rd Assembly District: Mark Rodriguez

Due to the climate in Albany of incompetence, scandal and political warfare, the people of New York especially in The Bronx are eager for new leaders with ideas that address their issues. As a self employed accountant, home owner, divorced parent and victim of the NYS Family Court System I am a living example of the daily struggles that affect us all especially our children. I feel that many of our elected officials are out of touch in providing viable legislation and believe that by spending countless taxpayer dollars on band aid programs, the problems will go away. The core of society is "The Family" and if it is under attack as it is currently in NYS then our society will pay dearly. It is for this reason, due to having suffered the injustices of the current political and legal system that I find it necessary to run for political office to bring about reform and well balanced legislation that does not take millions in taxpayer funds to resolve. Therefore, I announce my official candidacy for the office of NYS Assembly for the 83rd District in The Bronx as an independent democrat. As I embark in this endevour, I ask for your prayers, your support but most of all your vote.
Mark Rodriguez

You can learn moe about Mark at this time at:

Our Homegrown Candidate: 78th Assembly District

Please Join Me To Promote A Bronx Change!!!

Northwest Bronx Democrats

coordinally invites you to a neighborhood gathering and full course dinner to support a Life Long Bronx Resident represent our neighborhood interest

Ricardo "Ricky" Martinez
Candidate, State Committeeman
78th Assembly District

EL Rinconcito del sabor Restaurant
254 East 204th St
(Valentine Ave & Mosholu Park.S)

Friday March 26th 2010

RSVP by March 21st

Local Assemblymanb & Supporter:
Jose' Rivera, 78th Assemblyman


Committee to Elect Ricky Martinez

____ I would like to atend the dinner to support the candicacy of Ricky Martinez for State Committeeman, 78th Assembly District

____I will be unable to attend but enclose a contribution of:
____$100 ___$75 ___$50 ___$25 ___other

Make Checks Payable to:
Committee to Elect Ricky Martinez
3015 Perry Ave, Suite 5B
Bronx NY 10458



Ricky has attended PS66 and PS64 at Crotona Park East & the surrounding areas of The South Bronx. Attended JHS 117 & JHS80 , located at Highbridge & Norwood.Then , attended Evander Childs High School and graduated from Herbert H Lehman College, CUNY.

Ricky have been involved in many community forms of life in the 78th Assembly District, including, a member of Herbert H Lehman Student Government for 3 years (1986-1988) and a candidate for School Board District 10 (1993). In 1994, Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer appointed Mr Martinez to Community Board 7 as a full Board Member . Ricky was Chairman of CB7 Traffic & Transportation Committee, specifically dealing with public safety within the District Boundries.
Since 2005, Ricky, as Chairman of The Committee of 100 Democrats has worked with NorthWest Bronx Democrats to assist in over 10 local races, most notably, the victory of Councilman G. Oliver Koppell
"Ricky is a Life Long resident that cares about his neighborhood. We support Ricky as a homegrown candidate for change-change that Bedford Park has needed, politically, for over 20 years, change-from within!". Anthony Rivieccio, Director, Northwest Bronx Democrats

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Fox is Henpecked!

Councilman Larry Seabrook

Many have names for him:
*Sham Artist
*Public Official

we decided to call him something else in 2009-a challanger to a New Bronx. While we were not sucessful nin 2009 replacing the Councilman with Andy King-there is now do no doubt that he will be the front-runner very soon as the "3rd Paradigm" gets ready to assist in bringing a new Bronx Alternative to the Bronx Party!!!

When The New Borough President Speaks-Do People Listen???

The Honorable Ruben Diaz Jr.
President, Borough of The Bronx
cordially invites you to
The State of the Borough Address
Friday, February 26, 2010
11:30 a.m.
Evander Childs High School, Auditorium
800 East Gun Hill Road
The Bronx
RSVP 718.590.6116

Pedro Espada Lives in Norwood?

3328 Bainbridge Ave 5PM-7PM

A State Senator Open House:
Hon Pedro Espada Jr.

While our thoughts on Mr Espada are pretty clear, what is also clear is that Mr Espada is making a MAJOR effort to connect with his new district. COME JOIN US-MEET OUR NEW SENATOR

Assemblyman Jose Rivera Says.........................

According to The Assemblyman in The 78th Assembly District:


Rivera Concerned About Impact on Families and Seniors

(Albany, NY) Assemblyman José Rivera (Bronx), the Chair of the Assembly Task Force on Food, Farm and Nutrition Policy is pleased that the Governor’s proposed State budget was generous to emergency food programs such as food pantries and soup kitchens, but concerned about funding cuts for senior meal programs and WIC. In addition, the Governor’s budget would delay increases in public assistance grants, reduce funds for obesity and diabetes prevention and eating disorders, and cut services for the homeless.

Rivera stated, “I welcome the Governor’s significant increase in funding for food pantries and soup kitchens helping those hungry families and individuals who have been hit hardest by the Great Recession we are experiencing. However, I am not pleased by the Governor backing away from his commitment to raise public assistance benefits which have not increased in 20 years. If Wall St. CEOs can get government bonuses this year so should mothers and their children who are barely surviving on their welfare checks.”

The Governor’s budget includes a nearly $10 million increase in funding for emergency food programs. However, the cuts in programs serving the homeless will hurt the same people who will be turning to the food programs. Reduced funding for senior meal programs and WIC will hurt those who are trying to keep from relying on emergency donations.

“I am also concerned about going backwards in our efforts to prevent childhood obesity and diabetes. These health problems will lead to higher health care costs for Medicaid where spending increased faster than expected this year,” added Rivera.

New York is experiencing one of its worse downturns in history and the legislature will work to make improvements to the Governor’s budget plan.

“I look forward to working with the Speaker, my colleagues in the Assembly, our friends in the Senate, the Governor, and the President and Congress, to support our struggling families and seniors. I believe that we can do even more to use nutrition assistance and education to reach those goals and will continue my work to improve food policy for consumers, food businesses and farmers.” said Rivera.

Year 2010-a 3rd Bronx Democratic Force!!!???

As our readers know, we started helping neighborhoods in 2009 'protect' their neighborhoods from 30 years of political mismanagement. First-The Old Bronx Democratic Party-then-The NEW Bronx Democratic Party-is it time---for a 3rd?


Bronx for Change

Invites All Community Leaders!

Grassroots Training for “Bronxites”

If you want to learn how to Break into Politics, then you need to attend!

The basic training will combine experienced trainers, stimulating exercises, case studies and interactive simulations. We’re counting on YOU to organize around issues that matter, help build capacity in your community and encourage like-minded leaders to get involved.

February Trainings:

Wednesday, February 10th

Nos Quedamos

754 Melrose Avenue

@ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Saturday, February 20th

Latino Pastoral Action Center

14 West 170th Street

@ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Space is Limited. Please RSVP today:

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