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Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!
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Our Candidate for 2012
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Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!
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Monday, June 21, 2010

80th Assembly District:Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman

Anyone Know or Remember Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde?
In short, it was about a person, who had both, a good side and bad side.

These days, The 80th Assembly District feels the same way. Since the sad "political war" of 2008 and the "crumbling" of The Liberty Democratic Club. Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera & Kenny Agosto have kept up the pace in their 2 year war. Kenny's club, going against Councilman Koppell; firing poll watchers in The Scott & Tracey Towers areas of the District and most sadly, "not including" The 80th West Side Communities (Bedford park, Norwood, Van Courtlandt Village, Fort Independence) to participate in 80th political activities. And on the other side on this coin, Assemblywoman Rivera, some would say, has been no better, not just stating that "Liberty Democratic Association" DOES NOT represent the 80th assembly District, but also not formulating or assisting in any re-development of another club.

So, many were "SHOCKED" when "out of the blue" A SINGLE TICKET EMERGES:
NAOMI RIVERA, Assemblywoman
Ken Agosto, District Leader
Joe McManus-Stare Committeeman
Diane Cerino- State Committeewoman

Some call it peace. We call it. Dr Jekyll& Mr Hyde-The 2010 Version!!!! And the community rumor is: NO ONE IS BUYING IT!. Maybe, that's because, no one can sell it!

So, in this destruction of a political district, does an independent emerge?

Mr Robert Giuffre, a Morris Park Resident says, he is "FED UP" and is goimg to try to unify the district with his candidacy. His website, is really interesting, because, OMG, it talks about ISSUES (click here)

We have NOT taken a position on The 8oth Assembly District Yet but Ill tell you this. We need Naomi to explain why SHE SUPPORTS KENNY and for The Liberty Democratic Association to explain why THEY SUPPORT ASSEMBLYWOMAN RIVERA?

With Mr Agosto's recent declaration that he will not actively support Naomi in The District, I would suggest:Before they convince us, I think they have more more doing to convince themselves first.

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