Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!

Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!
Ricky Martinez @ Mark Gjonaj

Our Candidate for 2012

Our Candidate for 2012
Clyde Williams-For Congress-Harlem, Washington Heights, Northwest Bronx


Ricky Martinez for State Assembly, 78th

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!
Manny Tavares for State Senate

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pockets of neighborhood power???

One good thing about getting directly involved in the democratic process is that you will find where the pockets of strength are in your neighborhood-and the strength of outsiders, within the neighborhood.

In the 11th Council for example:

For Koppell-Ben Franklin Club (81 Ass.-Riverdale) -40%
For Cassino-North Bronx Democratic Alliance (81st Ass. NBDA Riverdale) 23%
For Koppell-North West Bronx Democrats (NWB 78th/80th Ass. Bedford Park-80th/81st Ass.Norwood)-17%
For Koppell-Committee of 100 Democrats-(78th Ass. Bedford Park) 4%
For Cassino-Liberty Democratic Association (80th Ass. LDA-Pelham Parkway) 5%
For Cassino-SEIU/1199 (NYC Labor Union) 3%
For Koppell-Bronx Democratic Party (Bronx organization) 4%

In the 14th Council
For Cabrera-Bronx Democratic Party (Bronx organization) 27%
For Baez-West Bronx Democrats (86th Ass. Club) 22%
For Tapia-Young Bronx Democrats (86th Ass. Youth Club) 12%
For Cabrera-SEIU/1199 (NYC Labor Union) 10%
For Cabrera-New Life Church (78th Ass.Kingsbridge) 10%
For Baez-North End Democrats (78th Ass. Club) 10%
For Tapia-North West Bronx Democrats (78th-Fordham, Kingsbridge) 7%
For Tapia-Political Parent Party (78th/86 Ass. Club) 4%
For Cabrera-Committee of 100 Democrats (78th-Fordham, Kingsbridge) .04%

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Norwood News & Jeffrey Dinowitz confirm our NWB power!

In this weeks Norwood News-as reported by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, the strength of NWB Democrats is highlighted by looking at the "non-riverdale numbers" of the district-which represent (by NBT analysis), up to 22% of the district;

Bedford Park- coverage of district-6%- Koppell-64%.
Congrats go to NWB Team members; Helene Hartman, Anthony Johnson, and Assemblyman Jose Rivera out dueling newly based pockets of LDA disturbances on Webster Ave & Mosholu S.

Tracy Towers- coverage of district-4%-Koppell 67%-
Congrats go to NWB Team member and former Liberty Democratic Association (LDA) President Sally Caldwell to rally the troops to victory. Add an appearance with Boro President Diaz and Assemblywoman Rivera

Scott Towers-coverage of area-1%-Koppell 65%-
Congrats to NWB Team member Sonia Lapin for outgoing LDA based Majorie Reitner.

Norwood-coverage of District 11%- Koppell-63%-
Congrats goes to NWB Team members Daisy Rodriguez, George Diaz, Urusla Morgan and Cerio Guerrino. The Committee of 100 Democrats helped on occasion. The Bloodbath of the battleground; Cassino's LDA, NBDA, SEIU/1199 powerbase vs Koppell's NWB Democrats (Dont shoot the messanger)

Riverdale-coverage of area-66%-Koppell-64%
Congrats to Assemblyman Dinowitz andThe Ben Franklin Club on an outstanding job

I would say, frankly that non riverdale showed their strength and creditability to achieve part of their goal: To provide a "left out" political voice to the Northwest Bronx. we want to thank Vice Chair of Bronx County Mr Dinowitz for agreeing to meet for neighborhood concerns in the near future. Congrats to Councilman Koppell and the whole NWB 11th Council Democrat team

Inside the Numbers-11th Council District

This race starts up the hill in Riverdale, swings down to Van Cortland, Norwood & Bedford Park. It pits Oliver Koppell and the Ben Franklin Club , Committee of 100 Democrats and NWB Democrats Vs. The Anthony Cassino led;North Bronx Democratic Alliance (NBDA) and The Liberty Democratic Association (LDA)

81st Assembly District-Riverdale, Upper Norwood-78% of race

As we start down The Leafy hills on Riverdale, Cassino throws a roadblock of NBDA workers at Riverdale Ave. Oliver takes the "short cut" down Kappock St and asks his new "point team" to make brochures to leave to the people behind: They mis-spell his last name. Don't worry says, Assemblyman Dinowitz, The Ben Franklin Club will save you....and in Riverdale, led by Thomas McNeil, they do a great job.
As they jump into Upper Norwood, The Kenny Agosto led LDA and The JC Led SEIU/1199 are waiting to ambush Oliver at the kneecaps. Oliver, realizing he has no ground troops here, calls point man Arthur, who also realizes Oliver has none. Then, the truth comes out. Ben Franklin will not come into Upper Norwood, or as some have called it. "the ghetto". After several frantic phone calls, Jeffrey calls The NWB Democrats for assistance. As one of Oliver point men comes in to help with the Norwood Bloodbath, he gets "yoked" by an 1199 volunteer. NWB Team members Daisy Rodriguez, Julian Aronowitz and George Diaz do a great job in holding their side-allowing LDA to run away. They look for NBDA-but they never came to the "ghetto" neither.

Koppell- 4,558 (65%)
Cassino- 2,506 (35%)

Oliver and Anthony, both realizing now that the district zigzags, ask their affiliated clubs to assist:

80th Assembly-Lower Norwood & Lower Bedford Park 16% of race
With Anthony having to make up significant ground, he turns around to see his rein-forcements; LDA led Joe McManus, Joe Barnett and Barbara Stronzer are waiting to assist. With NWB troops assisting in the 81st-they zoom back down the hill, pick up NWB Teammates; Sally Caldwell, Sonia Lapin, Cerio Guerrino and Urusla Morgan-and barrels into the crowd with a seal to a Koppell victory
Koppell 863 (61%)
Cassino 544 (39%)

78th Assembly District- Upper Bedford Park 6% of Race
SEIU/1199 made an early stand, blanketing Bedford Park Blvd with brochures. NWB Teammates Helene Hartman and Anthony Johnson were out early as well, and met them near St Phillip Neri Church. NWB calls in Assemblyman Jose Rivera. We also called The Committee of 100 Democrats (home base) for assistance. Chairman Martinez was not in but VC Robert Press stated they start at 12. Ironically at 1PM, 1199 gets the call to help in Kingsbridge for Fernando Cabrera. Bedford Park is empty. Ricky Martinez and Robert Press zoom through and provide great back up afternoon assistance. The Assemblyman has to leave (to the 14th Council District) as well. NWB deploys some troops to also assist in the 14th Council race.
Koppell 337 (62%)
Cassino 207 (38%)

By 9:30PM, Oliver , already a tall man, was standing on a chair victories thanking everyone for their support.

Some thoughts: Congratulations to our re-elect team of our continuing Councilman Oliver Koppell
While The Ben Franklin Club provided 42% of the victory-NWB Democrats provided 16% and The Committee of 100 Democrats, 6%. . Anthony Cassino's LDA provided only 5% while NBDA could claim 27%. In Riverdake-NBDA could finally become a Riverdale Force to Ben Franklin while in Bedford Park & Norwood-NWB Democrats became the new "non Riverdale" leader in the district, with East Side Club, Liberty Democratic Association barely matching The Committee of 100 Democrats tiny power base. Originally, a NWB Democrats-NBDA joint venture could have provided a min of 43%. SEIU/1199, at beat, carried 3-4%,

Friday, September 25, 2009

Inside the Political Numbers-14th Council

On Primary Day Folks-It was a bloodbath!. SEIU-1199, left the 11th Council Race in the afternoon and blanked the 78th and 81st Assembly Districts-coupled with "New life (Political party) Church troops, just in time-to squeeeze innnn Fernandooo Cabreraaaa...

Imagine a Running race-from Morrisina to Fort Independence

77th Assembly District (Morrisina-14% of race)
As the race starts to Fort Independence, Mr Cabrera takes a SHOCKING lead as Baez and Tapia are just neck to neck behind. Assemblywoman Gibson shows Aurilia Greene that she can still command respect.
Baez-235 (32%)
Cabrera 283 (39%)
Tapia 211 (29%)* Kiddos to First Timer Zone Captain Alba Mota

86th Assembly (Tremont, 183rd-58% of race)
As the hills in this race get steep, Tapia turns on The Batmobile-but it sputters a little. Baez abandons the true and tried ice cream truck for the Fernando Ferrer greyhound (such a nice picture of her) bus.Fernando Cabrera calls for help-enter President Ruben Diaz Jr on the bullhorn-but it does not work. From Tremont to Fordham-hundreds of signs are down. The Rumors are flying......"ivannnnn, Richieeeee" Assemblyman Nelson Castro-jumps on the Baez bus and says "She's the one".
Baez 1290 (41%)
Cabrera 1040 (33%)
Tapia 780 (25%)

At Fordham Road-72% of the race completed-BAEZ IS ACTUALLY WINNING (37%,36%,27%)

78th Assembly District (Fordham & Kingsbridge-26%of race)
As we reach the 3/4 mark, North End Democratic Club (Baez club) gets ready to rumble. Assemblyman Jose Rivera gets the Anti Republican Flyswatters. The Committee of 100 Democrats, who endorsed Cabrera early-decides to stay out of the fray. SEIU 1199 comes out of nowhere to clog the Fordham and Kingsbridge merchant strips with materials. Down the hill Cabrera Captain, Greg Faulkner was in discussions with voters suggesting voter fraud as Tapia poll watchers were getting thrown out of polling sights for various complaints, while the Cabrera ice cream truck swung down the hill as Bronx Democratic Chairman Carl Heastie waved and "Fernando Cabrera music" was in the air. 33% of polls in 78th district had Tapia poll watchers thrown out.
Baez 423 (31%)
Cabrera 702 (50%)
Tapia 258 (19%)
At this point-98% of race: (34%, 43%, 23%)

81st Assembly- Fort Independence-2% of race
Although Cabrera has won the race, Baez gets the last word driving the bus to Jeffery Dinowirz land stealing the section. Dinowitz backed Cabrera.The Tapia-Mobile comes back to life as the Cabrera ice cream truck starts to run out of Popsicles.
Baez-48 (37%)
Cabera 45 (35%)
Tapia 36 (28%)

Baez-1290 (37%)
Cabrera 2070 (39%)
Tapia 1285 (24%)

Firstly, NWB Democrats wants to congratulate the new Councilman, Fernando Cabrera.
Secondly, some thoughts: Baez won 2 Districts, 81st and 86th-60% of the voting district. Former County chairman Jose Rivera and Assemblyman Nelson Castro are winners. New 77th Assembly Woman Ms Gibson brought home some new bacon for Cabrera and Bronx County. In the 78th, Will the North End Democratic Club finally be toppled-not by The Committee of 100 Democrats-but by New Life Church-(or is it really 1199?). And what about the Committee? Despite their early endorsement, many residents say "they brought nothing to the party' and changed their stance to neutral. Vice Chair Robert Press was quoting saying, just before Primary day, "Its a Three Headed race".And NWB, in their first forty of political voice in the 78th and 81st Districts-pulling out a combined 23% vote for Tapia-an interesting number indeed.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Round 3: The News 12 Debates

Fernando Cabrera Vs Yudelka Tapia Vs The Empty Chair-Maria Baez

G. Oliver Koppell Vs Anthony (The italian Stallion ) Cassino

Friday, September 11, 2009

Koppell, King, Tapia, Sierra=homegrown representation

Our 2009 Election efforts have been rewarding to say the least. Read how The Bronx Council races are heating up (with our help) and do not forget to vote Sept 15th. (All percentages is analysis of race from NBT, as of 9/11)

11th District-NorthWest Bronx-Our efforts in the "non riverdale sections" of the district have allowed Oliver Koppell and The Ben Franklin Club to concentrate in Riverdale-where 60% of the district is located. Read The Riverdale Press Review. NBT states that Riverdale will be ;Oliver 59%. Coupled with the Bedford Park & Norwood sections of the district, Oliver should win 72% for an aggregate total of: 68%

14th District-North/South West Bronx-Our efforts in this race for candidate Yudelka Tapia has been most rewarding. She is a perfect example of our mantra-Homegrown Candidates for Homegrown Representation- and as we find out, like Mr Cabrera, that Ms Baez is a Westchester visitor more than a Bronx resident. We believe Ms Tapia will SHOCK THE WORLD with a "squeezer"victory in a tight 3 way race. NBT predicts 39%. Read the NY Times seeing Baez fighting for her political life.

12th District-NorthEast Bronx-Our efforts in The North East are weird-but wonderful. While one can say that we are "in someone Else's neighborhood", longtime resident, community activist and now, independent candidate Andy King looks for the honor of retiring incumbent Larry Seabroook-and gave us a call in June for help. Go to Andy's website and look at our "endorsement interview". NBT predicts , in this 3 way race that Andy is booming along at 41%-enough to win!!!

16th District- SouthEast Bronx-With 7 days left, our good friend Carlos Sierra gives us a call and asks for help in the race against incumbent Diane Foster. Seriously folks, how much can we do in 1 week when campaigning has been an 11 week responsibility? Some!!!!
Go below to meet Independent Candidate Carlos Sierra. He has a great meet video, nice office, and interesting resources.NBT has no current analysis on this race to render a decision-at this time!.

Meet The 3rd Paradigm (in earlier post below)-1 District at a Time!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meet The 3rd Paradigm

We'll, its looks like the 3rd Paradigm is getting bigger. The 3rd-a group of Bronx residents that feel "politically left out" of the process-regardless of the winner or loser of The Bronx war----and we are growing and growing.

1st-Incumbent and 30 year Independent Oliver Koppell, From The NorthWest Bronx our victor in our inauguration election year-2005-decided to join us in our cause for 2009.
2nd- In The Southern Central Bronx, Yudelka Tapia, the "anointed" Councilperson for Maria Baez (before The Bronx War and The overthrow of term limits) decides-why go to the old-or new-Bronx Democratic Party-when she can come home to her roots-as an independent candidate.
3rd-Andy King-doing great community work in Eastchester and Co Op City in The NorthEast Bronx does not get recognized-by the old-or new-political establishment-----so he joins a group with a cause

And our cause: To coo relate our 3rd Pardaigm into a political voice just got a bit stronger. Meet Carlos Sierra, candidate for The 16th Council District running against incumbent Helen Foster.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Community Leaders Speak!!!!

What The Gremins say:
Our true leaders, our community (gremlin) members speak on The insides of our races. The gremlins gave the community info to our parent North Bronx Thinktank and the analysis, as of Sept 8th is below:

11th District:
Riverdale : Oliver will win 60% -40% in what will be a brutal Riverdale race. This will translate to 42% of the vote
Van Cortland Village-Cassino will win 65-35% which will translate to 4%
Bedford Park-Oliver will win-75%-25% which will translate to 9% of the vote
Norwood-Oliver will win 70%-30% which will translate to 14% of the vote
Van Cortland-4%
Bedford Park-9%
Oliver Koppell-69%
Anthony Cassino-31%
NBT Thoughts: We (NWB Democrats) are winning!!!!
14th District
Tremont- We suspect it will be Baez 22%, Cabrera 26% Tapia 30%
Fordham- Baez- 15% Cabrera 31%, Tapia 28%
Ft Independence- Baez 10% Cabrera 33% Tapia 27%

NBT Thoughts: As per the Bronx News Network-We are insurging!!!!!!!!!

Will The South Central Bronx turn Republican? Will Anthony Cassino be the next State Assemblyman Candidate in Riverdale in 2010 against Assemblyman Dinowitz?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Round 2- Koppell Vs Cassino-"Oh You forgot Again"

Well, Oliver is calmer now, but Anthony Cassino throws the "potshots" in Round 2 of one of the hottest races of the year.

Round 2-"Cabrera Vs. Tapis Vs The Empty Chair (Maria Baez) "I have lived and worked in my community for 20 years"

Yudelka Tapia-fresh off Round 1-Counterjabs herself into a resounding Round 2 Victory. Its good to now understand that Fernando Cabrera is a Westchester County Republican that JUST moved into the neighborhood (sounds like espada) and Ms Maria Baez steller record as a Councilperson (46%) attendance......but sadly ABSENT AT THE DEBATE-AGAIN (she should have brought the Ice Cream truck)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Controller Thompson--The DEP Misled The Public!!!

Bill did not have to get this report out. He could have left it to the next controller. But at the communities request, our 6 year fight, abelt a loss in the end, is finally justifiable. THE CITY AND THE DEP LIED TO THE NORTHWEST BRONX. Commissars Ward-and The other Commissioners thereafter.

It is not going to be cheaper to build in The Bronx-BUT MORE-ALL ALONG

Congrats to All the community leaders, from 1997 on down (and our organization of course) in knowing the right questions and for Thompson to finally get the right answers. The answers: The Plant is 3x Bigger, over budget----AND THE REASON IS LABOR COSTS-not delays-nor construction-nor general inflation.

And our Great Water Filtration Plant Fighter: Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz!

The 11th District BronxTimes Debate-ITS A LIE!!!!

"Its A Lie, Its a Lie". Yep, you ll hear them-8 times in all. Councilman Oliver Koppell @ Anthony Cassino square off in Round 1 of what seems to be one of the hottest races of the year. Anthony, no tie?????

The 14th District BronxTimes Debates-Round 1-"I voted Republican accordingly"

In the first debate, we will say two things:

a) We thought Cabrera won 65%-35%. It was a shame that the First question by Mr Beekman had to do with The Old Fordham Library-important-but-outside the district-throwing the tempo of the debate off. Otherwise, Great Job -from The Candidates, to Bronxnet TV and Bronx Times. Don't be surprised if this comes off as a regular series