Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!

Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!
Ricky Martinez @ Mark Gjonaj

Our Candidate for 2012

Our Candidate for 2012
Clyde Williams-For Congress-Harlem, Washington Heights, Northwest Bronx


Ricky Martinez for State Assembly, 78th

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!
Manny Tavares for State Senate

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Inside the Numbers-11th Council District

This race starts up the hill in Riverdale, swings down to Van Cortland, Norwood & Bedford Park. It pits Oliver Koppell and the Ben Franklin Club , Committee of 100 Democrats and NWB Democrats Vs. The Anthony Cassino led;North Bronx Democratic Alliance (NBDA) and The Liberty Democratic Association (LDA)

81st Assembly District-Riverdale, Upper Norwood-78% of race

As we start down The Leafy hills on Riverdale, Cassino throws a roadblock of NBDA workers at Riverdale Ave. Oliver takes the "short cut" down Kappock St and asks his new "point team" to make brochures to leave to the people behind: They mis-spell his last name. Don't worry says, Assemblyman Dinowitz, The Ben Franklin Club will save you....and in Riverdale, led by Thomas McNeil, they do a great job.
As they jump into Upper Norwood, The Kenny Agosto led LDA and The JC Led SEIU/1199 are waiting to ambush Oliver at the kneecaps. Oliver, realizing he has no ground troops here, calls point man Arthur, who also realizes Oliver has none. Then, the truth comes out. Ben Franklin will not come into Upper Norwood, or as some have called it. "the ghetto". After several frantic phone calls, Jeffrey calls The NWB Democrats for assistance. As one of Oliver point men comes in to help with the Norwood Bloodbath, he gets "yoked" by an 1199 volunteer. NWB Team members Daisy Rodriguez, Julian Aronowitz and George Diaz do a great job in holding their side-allowing LDA to run away. They look for NBDA-but they never came to the "ghetto" neither.

Koppell- 4,558 (65%)
Cassino- 2,506 (35%)

Oliver and Anthony, both realizing now that the district zigzags, ask their affiliated clubs to assist:

80th Assembly-Lower Norwood & Lower Bedford Park 16% of race
With Anthony having to make up significant ground, he turns around to see his rein-forcements; LDA led Joe McManus, Joe Barnett and Barbara Stronzer are waiting to assist. With NWB troops assisting in the 81st-they zoom back down the hill, pick up NWB Teammates; Sally Caldwell, Sonia Lapin, Cerio Guerrino and Urusla Morgan-and barrels into the crowd with a seal to a Koppell victory
Koppell 863 (61%)
Cassino 544 (39%)

78th Assembly District- Upper Bedford Park 6% of Race
SEIU/1199 made an early stand, blanketing Bedford Park Blvd with brochures. NWB Teammates Helene Hartman and Anthony Johnson were out early as well, and met them near St Phillip Neri Church. NWB calls in Assemblyman Jose Rivera. We also called The Committee of 100 Democrats (home base) for assistance. Chairman Martinez was not in but VC Robert Press stated they start at 12. Ironically at 1PM, 1199 gets the call to help in Kingsbridge for Fernando Cabrera. Bedford Park is empty. Ricky Martinez and Robert Press zoom through and provide great back up afternoon assistance. The Assemblyman has to leave (to the 14th Council District) as well. NWB deploys some troops to also assist in the 14th Council race.
Koppell 337 (62%)
Cassino 207 (38%)

By 9:30PM, Oliver , already a tall man, was standing on a chair victories thanking everyone for their support.

Some thoughts: Congratulations to our re-elect team of our continuing Councilman Oliver Koppell
While The Ben Franklin Club provided 42% of the victory-NWB Democrats provided 16% and The Committee of 100 Democrats, 6%. . Anthony Cassino's LDA provided only 5% while NBDA could claim 27%. In Riverdake-NBDA could finally become a Riverdale Force to Ben Franklin while in Bedford Park & Norwood-NWB Democrats became the new "non Riverdale" leader in the district, with East Side Club, Liberty Democratic Association barely matching The Committee of 100 Democrats tiny power base. Originally, a NWB Democrats-NBDA joint venture could have provided a min of 43%. SEIU/1199, at beat, carried 3-4%,

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