Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!

Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!
Ricky Martinez @ Mark Gjonaj

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Our Candidate for 2012
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Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!
Manny Tavares for State Senate

Friday, September 25, 2009

Inside the Political Numbers-14th Council

On Primary Day Folks-It was a bloodbath!. SEIU-1199, left the 11th Council Race in the afternoon and blanked the 78th and 81st Assembly Districts-coupled with "New life (Political party) Church troops, just in time-to squeeeze innnn Fernandooo Cabreraaaa...

Imagine a Running race-from Morrisina to Fort Independence

77th Assembly District (Morrisina-14% of race)
As the race starts to Fort Independence, Mr Cabrera takes a SHOCKING lead as Baez and Tapia are just neck to neck behind. Assemblywoman Gibson shows Aurilia Greene that she can still command respect.
Baez-235 (32%)
Cabrera 283 (39%)
Tapia 211 (29%)* Kiddos to First Timer Zone Captain Alba Mota

86th Assembly (Tremont, 183rd-58% of race)
As the hills in this race get steep, Tapia turns on The Batmobile-but it sputters a little. Baez abandons the true and tried ice cream truck for the Fernando Ferrer greyhound (such a nice picture of her) bus.Fernando Cabrera calls for help-enter President Ruben Diaz Jr on the bullhorn-but it does not work. From Tremont to Fordham-hundreds of signs are down. The Rumors are flying......"ivannnnn, Richieeeee" Assemblyman Nelson Castro-jumps on the Baez bus and says "She's the one".
Baez 1290 (41%)
Cabrera 1040 (33%)
Tapia 780 (25%)

At Fordham Road-72% of the race completed-BAEZ IS ACTUALLY WINNING (37%,36%,27%)

78th Assembly District (Fordham & Kingsbridge-26%of race)
As we reach the 3/4 mark, North End Democratic Club (Baez club) gets ready to rumble. Assemblyman Jose Rivera gets the Anti Republican Flyswatters. The Committee of 100 Democrats, who endorsed Cabrera early-decides to stay out of the fray. SEIU 1199 comes out of nowhere to clog the Fordham and Kingsbridge merchant strips with materials. Down the hill Cabrera Captain, Greg Faulkner was in discussions with voters suggesting voter fraud as Tapia poll watchers were getting thrown out of polling sights for various complaints, while the Cabrera ice cream truck swung down the hill as Bronx Democratic Chairman Carl Heastie waved and "Fernando Cabrera music" was in the air. 33% of polls in 78th district had Tapia poll watchers thrown out.
Baez 423 (31%)
Cabrera 702 (50%)
Tapia 258 (19%)
At this point-98% of race: (34%, 43%, 23%)

81st Assembly- Fort Independence-2% of race
Although Cabrera has won the race, Baez gets the last word driving the bus to Jeffery Dinowirz land stealing the section. Dinowitz backed Cabrera.The Tapia-Mobile comes back to life as the Cabrera ice cream truck starts to run out of Popsicles.
Baez-48 (37%)
Cabera 45 (35%)
Tapia 36 (28%)

Baez-1290 (37%)
Cabrera 2070 (39%)
Tapia 1285 (24%)

Firstly, NWB Democrats wants to congratulate the new Councilman, Fernando Cabrera.
Secondly, some thoughts: Baez won 2 Districts, 81st and 86th-60% of the voting district. Former County chairman Jose Rivera and Assemblyman Nelson Castro are winners. New 77th Assembly Woman Ms Gibson brought home some new bacon for Cabrera and Bronx County. In the 78th, Will the North End Democratic Club finally be toppled-not by The Committee of 100 Democrats-but by New Life Church-(or is it really 1199?). And what about the Committee? Despite their early endorsement, many residents say "they brought nothing to the party' and changed their stance to neutral. Vice Chair Robert Press was quoting saying, just before Primary day, "Its a Three Headed race".And NWB, in their first forty of political voice in the 78th and 81st Districts-pulling out a combined 23% vote for Tapia-an interesting number indeed.

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