Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!

Mark Glonaj-For Assembly in The 80th!
Ricky Martinez @ Mark Gjonaj

Our Candidate for 2012

Our Candidate for 2012
Clyde Williams-For Congress-Harlem, Washington Heights, Northwest Bronx


Ricky Martinez for State Assembly, 78th

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!

Our Candidates for 2012!!!!!!!
Manny Tavares for State Senate

Saturday, October 17, 2009

2009 Primary Winners & Losers!!!!


NWB Democrats- Since. the leaving of many of our members from The Committee of 100 Democrats & Liberty Democratic Association, NWB Democrats was successful in providing Council Candidate Koppell 14%% of his victory.

North Bronx Democratic Association-The Tony Cassino led organization is now poised to give The Assemblyman Dinowitz led Ben Franklin Club some needling, capuring up to 21% of the vote

Ben Franklin-The Jeffrey Dinowitz Riverdale Based Club did better, much better-42%
New Life Church-OMG, Cabrera has organized The Church into a political force!
West Bronx Democrats-Even Assemblyman Nelson Castro's group deserves credit for making the 14th Council Race-one hell of a race for Maia Baez

Young Bronx Democrats-And the same goes for this NEW young enginerred group, founded by Former Lehman College SG President Eliaz Cantrera and Yudelka Tapia

Bronx Democratic Party-Hey, They worked hard for Cabrera and Koppell. and deserves congrats!

Political Parent Party- From a State Wide organization focused on "family rights", Founder Minister Harris & Mark Rodriguez expanded their political horizons in 3 City Council races-and did great!!!!


Liberty Democratic Association-Since the famous breakup of the East Side/West side areas of the 80th Assembly District in 2008, The showdown in Bedford Park/Norwood was expected to be a political blast. In the end, it was a dud as The Ken Agosto led EAST SIDE club got clobbered by NWB Democrats (14% to 3%) in providing strength to their council candidates.

The Committee of 100 Democrats-While beating LDA in neighborhood strength (6% to 3%) , since the exodus of membership in 2007, The Committee went from a 2005 of strength of Koppell to 22% to their loss (11% strength) for Efrain Gonzalez in 2008 to their 2009 low for Koppell at 6%.

North end Democratic Club- The Jose Rivera once led powerful club was ambushed by many new players in the 78th Assembly District. From A Church, to a Union to a Bronx political party!!!!

SEIU/1199- Boy, ALL TALK and Very little action. Their 3% showing of strength for Anthony Cassinowas awful.

Bronx Democratic Party-While doing great in the Francisco Cabrera race, their effect was minimal in the Oliver Koppell race

All official stats are below

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